The Fear Was Back

The heady days (and weeks and months) following the Six Day War were amazing. There was a bounce to the step of every Israeli. They were lords off all they surveyed.

Unfortunately, the above was the perfect breeding ground for hubris.*

Self-confidence and a positive attitude are powerful and can be better motivators than even desperation. The problem is that these attitudes can weaken your grip on reality and leave you vulnerable to your enemies. Israel began to believe in herself, but she forgot to believe in the Arabs.

Six years later, that hubris was shattered by the wailing sirens of the Yom Kippur War. Within hours, the Egyptian and Syrian armies breached Israel’s defenses. The Bar Lev line was over-run. Within the first couple days, the Israeli Air Force sacrificed a quarter of its pilots attempting to slow the invasion. Israeli tanks in the Golan mounted attacks unsupported by infantry – and paid the price.

The shock and horror of the war were unimaginable. Many of the men who fought cannot, even to this day, speak of what they went through.

In a real sense, the Yom Kippur War of 1973 is as much a part of the Six Day War as the unification of Jerusalem.

The fear was back.


*Hubris is often defined as overbearing pride, arrogance. However, I add the adjective ‘destructive’, or ‘self-destructive’ – as in: self-destructive pride. Hubris is usually only a step away from ruin.

3 thoughts on “The Fear Was Back”

  1. John be a dear and alleviate Miss Anna of her curiosity regarding your…uh…cat?

    Arrogance- An attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manor or in presumptuous claims or assumptions.

    Confidence- A feeling or consciousness of one’s power or of reliance of one’s circumstances.
    faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper or effective way.

    Don’t most humans vasilate between the two?

    So the morale of this blog is to NEVER let your guard down no matter how fabulous you think you are? No matter how great the win? No matter what?

    Israel got careless? Is that what your saying?

    She changed because of the success of the 6 day war and got her butt kicked in the Yom Kipper war. Now she’s full of fear and has created within herself a safe place.

    EVERYONE who returns from Israel says they felt incredibly SAFE there. I find that so odd what with all that is happening over there. Yet, they say they’ve NEVER felt safer.

  2. Ummm..okay,
    “Yossi, the cat? Post another quote for us?”
    More concern rather than curiosity

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