Heady Stuff

The Six Day War was more than just a great military victory.

In the aftermath of the war, Israelis were in as much shock as the Arabs. Israeli casualties were numbered in the hundreds, and Arab casualties in the tens of thousands. It was an ‘upset’ of amazing proportions.

Israelis everywhere were pinching themselves. They could hardly believe what had happened. How could their tiny little country have achieved such a great victory?

And, in the midst of their euphoria came the greatest victory of all.


Up to this point, the Jewish people had suffered ignominiously. For two thousand years, they suffered the agonies of hopeless desire for a place called Israel. Two thousand years of pogroms and rootless wandering had destroyed all hope for anything but a miracle. Just a few years before, six million of their own perished in the ovens of Hitler’s Germany. The 1948 War of Independence wrested a toehold from the Arabs at a terrible price, and in the intervening years, the fedayeen terrorists massacred their people with seeming impunity – while the world pressured Israel to give up the Negev and the Galil and the…

Imagine the desolation and hopelessness.

Then, in just six days, amidst the horror, fear and devastation of war, Israel realized that she was going to survive – that she could win. Against all the odds. Against all the advice offered by the sage and wise, Israel had emerged for the first time as a viable country and a regional power. For the first time, they not only had right on their side, but might as well.

Heady stuff indeed.

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  1. No, the Jews are not “pets” of God. They are the “apple of God’s eye”, and the world is sticking their finger in God’s eye. They are dividing “God’s land” and He’s not happy about it. God said Israel would never be “utterly destroyed”. She has suffered much death, persecution and wars, but she will never be utterly destroyed. There will always be a remnant that survives because God said so.
    These are God’s chosen people. Israel is God’s wife! Does anyone think God is just going to sit by and do nothing? And when He does, the whole world is going to tremble from His awesome anger.

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