The Victory of the Weak Over Their Abusers

People are funny. They give and take credit for the most amazing things. When you win at something, they say that you are a ‘winner’. But if, in the next moment, you lose, then you are a ‘loser’. Have you changed in that moment?  

When you win, your status becomes magnificent. Your success is attributed to excellence, and your weaknesses are forgotten. You are hailed as a guru, and the talking heads wax eloquent over how they had ‘seen this coming’ – when just minutes before they were predicting failure and ignominious defeat.

Israel and the Six Day War are like that. Israel crushed three Arab armies and stunned the world. Israel was hailed as the mighty conqueror, the David to the Arab Goliath. The world applauded her accomplishments. They lauded her generals. Israelis became the darlings of the world.

The tiny country of Israel became a symbol of strength and power, and symbols can change the way you view things – like history.

In the euphoria of victory, new thoughts emerged and old thoughts were discarded. 

Israel was so massively successful that… The war that destroyed so much, was over so quickly that… well, it must have been easy, right? How could Israel have destroyed three Arab armies without being awesomely powerful, and aware of that power? When you are THAT good, you must know that you are good, right? 

The world forgot the fear.

In the aftermath of victory, the world forgot that Israel really did not expect to survive the war. Oh, they may have had confidence in being able to stop the Arab armies short of absolute annihilation. But, as Golda Meier said,

The only place we could run was into the sea, and before we did that we might as well fight. 

In their hearts, Israelis knew that it was at best the beginning of the end. 

You don’t even need to look far for an example. Take Rabin’s nervous breakdown. General Yitzhak Rabin was Chief of Staff at the time of the Six Day War, and he was so pessimistic over Israel’s chances that he fell apart. When the war finally began, they found the head of Israel’s army, air force, and navy huddling in the dark of his apartment, emotionally broken and in despair.

If you had known how weak Israel was, and how strong the Arabs were, you might have done the same.

So, as we come up on the secular anniversary of the Six Day War, and the reunification of Jerusalem, remember that this isn’t just about the triumph of Good versus Evil. It’s also a celebration of victory of the weak versus their abusers.

2 thoughts on “The Victory of the Weak Over Their Abusers”

  1. next year in jerusalem my dear friend…i’m counting on it…and oy it’s that time again…the six day war…the history of the jews in ten words…you know…they tried to kill us…we won…let’s eat! speaking of eating i’m making the two cheesecakes in a bit…one gorgeous and one tofu experiment…will let you know…come home…chag sameach…smooches

  2. LOL!
    I was thinking the same thing:)
    The Jews Won, Lets Eat!:)
    I still havent tried that gorgeous cheesecake..
    that vegan one sounded kinda yucky

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