A Truly Blessed Jerusalem

Yesterday was Jerusalem Day. It commemorates and celebrates the recovery of the ancient city of Jerusalem by the Jewish State of Israel, and it has something of a personal significance to me.  

Those of you who are not Jewish, but know history will be scratching your heads. Jerusalem was recovered during the Six Day War, on June 7th. Yesterday was May 16th. What gives? Why isn’t Jerusalem Day celebrated on June 7th?

Well, once in every 19 years it is.

Everything of significance to the State of Israel is marked according to the Hebrew calendar. Since the Hebrew calendar runs on a 19 year cycle, and since Jerusalem was captured on the 28th day of the month Iyar…

Well, we have another 17 years left before Jerusalem Day is celebrated again on June 7th.

But, all that is a post for another day.

My own personal interest in Jerusalem Day, outside of the fact that it marks the reunification of the ancient capital of Israel is that I was born just 64 days before. I always know how long Jerusalem has been unified.

Oh, and there was a special blessing yesterday. In America, we look at rain as a curse. We speak about ‘rainy days and Mondays’. We save for a rainy day. We rain on someone’s parade. But, in Israel rain is a blessing. When you rain on someone’s parade, you bless that parade.

Jerusalem Day is a day of parades.

It rained yesterday.

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  3. I have a question:
    Why do you call it War fighting over there? —>
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