Will We Never Learn?

I can’t believe it.

Or, maybe I should say that I believe it but am thoroughly disgusted by it.

Apparently, the United States and the EU are boycotting the celebrations marking forty years since the liberation of Jerusalem.

I could scream, I’m so mad!

In fact, since I am on the verge of incoherence, let me have someone else speak for a moment while I go and jump up and down and scare the cats:

The Jewish restoration to Jerusalem in modern times is one of the clearest cases of historic justice ever, whereby a people longing to return to a land and a holy city from which they were violently uprooted millennia ago finally realized that sustaining dream. Yet due to Arab pressures and threats, the Jewish return to Jerusalem has been perversely turned into an immoral act.
 –  Rev. Malcolm Hedding, Executive Director of the International Christian Embassy, 
in a letter to Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski.

Okay, I’m back. You know yelling and screaming can be VERY therapeutic.

Now, where was I… Oh yes. Boycotting Jerusalem Day.

Why am I so upset by this?

Is it because they are poorly treating Israel?   No.

Is it because, I love Jerusalem and want everyone to give her some respect?  No.

Is it because…

Well, let me just come out and tell you.

I’m upset because this is the same stupid policy that allowed the Arabs to become ascendant in the 1950s – which is part of why we have an oil crisis now.

I’m upset because this is the same stupid policy that allowed the PLO to become a worldwide terrorist network – which gave rise to a rash of such networks and eventually Al Qaeda.

I’m upset because this is the same stupid policy that allowed the evil dictators of this world to abuse their people and threaten their neighbors.

As long as these short-sighted attitudes govern the international relations of the countries of the developed world… we will continue to pay the price.

Will we never learn? 

14 thoughts on “Will We Never Learn?”

  1. You know, I don’t know if it is because I am older and more aware, but it seems like the world is getting odder and odder everyday. I just can’t understand a lot of things. I mean, what a waste of education: kindergarten, gradeschool, highschool, college, more college..and then
    What???! We are thrown out into the real world with no tools to survive? Twisted. And obviously it’s not just my mind..other people feel the same way. In my last job, a co-workr and I thought we were in a paralell universe:):)

  2. Here’s a funny story…
    I read on CNN that a squirrel attached him/her self to someones leg and
    made it into a CVS. Well, it must have had a huge hayday or major
    flipout, becqause when they finally captured it, it had price tags sticking
    all over it:):) Coooooool. Rock on squirrel..too bad he/she didn’t flip out at a UN meeting or something..or some radical political event:)
    If you hear anything, I’d like to adopt that squirrel..poor little angel..prob scared.

  3. “Mashehu Meyuchad Lekol Echad”

    This is so biblical. Nothing they do goes without ridicule, drama, protest.

    John, why not just give Mr. Richard Jones a call.
    Tell him he really needs to make room on his calendar for this event. Surely you have some clout. Whose toes is he avoiding stepping on anyway?

    Here let me help you dial that number.

  4. and once again the world sleeps as evil walks the planet…you are brave my friend…i have stopped listening to the news…my blood pressure can’t stand it…so please continue being our voice…xoxox

  5. Well, if you do have some clout, get me a freaking job with the government-EPA, I kid you not, applying for those jobs is like writing a damn thesis. Actually getting an interview is a miracle, and a job??
    Well that’s just about as easy as fitting a camel through the eye of a needle.

  6. IdiotIdiotIdiotIdiotIdiot Government.
    Pathetic Politicians.

    Maybe I should go break the law? What about compassion to…like, Americans? In America?? What a novel idea!!

    Like, Ummmm, does Paris Hilton get, like, amnesty, too?

  7. well, Hey!!! why not just give EVERYONE in prison amnesty?!!
    Then we wouldn’t have to pay for their care.

  8. You really want to know why things appear to be so bizarre? The Politicians and World leaders are under the influence! They only THINK they are in control. They are making these idiotic, insane decisions because it is bringing us that much closer to “end time” prophecy being fulfilled. Ezekiel 38 & 39 is about to happen. Doesn’t God say He “uses foolish things to confound the wise”? It is pure foolishness, what the World demands of Israel. It confounds those of us who have a functioning brain and see it for what it is. I join you John, in having a screaming fit!!

    I also join Anna in calling for amnesty and a $5000 fine for all those in American prisons who have “broken the law”. Are we not a country that professes “equal justice for ALL?” Yes, still another bizarre, foolish decision on the part of America’s law makers. We send our finest off to foreign countries to fight for their country, while the geniouses in Congress give away the farm!! If the elections were held tomorrow I’d be willing to bet there would be another house cleaning.

  9. I’m going to pretend I am from Mexico..shall make twice as much money and pay no taxes!
    I will have to go to the tanning bed to make it believable..but then I shall go to the free clinic for a physical and dental care..why be an American?

  10. Awwwwww
    That means the big CEOs will have to cut down on their
    daily massages and $250.00 chocolates.

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