Destroying the Ties That Bind

Here is a prime example of what I meant yesterday.

The BBC did a radio piece on the British Muslims that are leaving Britain because they find it difficult to live in an atmosphere of suspicion and hostility. Because of how they look. Because of their dress. Because they go to mosque on Friday.

Since 9/11 the British have become virulently suspicious of their fellow citizens. I would be curious to know the difference today from the days of the IRA bombings, but I suspect that statistics will show a level of fear and suspicion that is unprecedented. 9/11 traumatised Britain, and 7/7 (the July 7 Underground bombings) intensified those feelings.

They feel hurt and betrayed by those that they welcomed.

That is America’s future. Some time in the near future, a store clerk is going to miss a tape, and innocent men, women and children are going to die at the hands of hateful men. And then, America will become even more suspicious and resentful of Muslims.

Terrorists do more than kill and maim, they also destroy the ties that bind us all together.

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  1. lucky britain…quick where are they going? i’m going to make sure i cross that place off my list of countries i have to visit one day…toodleedoo et al…shabbat shalom my dear friend…aren’t you glad you’re a ‘prawn’…hee hee

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