A Turning Point

It took me extra time this morning to settle on a topic, mostly because one of my email servers is under attack. Someone didn’t like what I said on one of my websites, and they’ve decided that dumping massive amounts of spam into my inbox is the best response.

We’re getting somewhere. You know that you are making progress when you get LOTS of hate mail.


Yesterday marked an important turning point, and most people didn’t notice. Oh, I’m sure that they saw the news bulletin, but I doubt that they noticed that part that was the ‘turning point’.

It wasn’t the fact that six Muslims were caught getting ready to attack Fort Dix.

It wasn’t the fact that they had access to AK 47 assault rifles.

It wasn’t even the fact that they were foreigners.

No, the ‘turning point’ was that the plot was foiled by a clerk – that it required the vigilance of a photo store clerk to neutralize the threat. Most photo store clerks would have accepted the terrorists video tape and stuck it in the video machine and recorded the tape onto DVD without looking at it, or even thinking about it.

But, somehow he (or she) was suspicious enough to view the tape.


THAT is the turning point. This home-grown terrorist plot was foiled by someone who was suspicious. Suspicious of either their ethnic status or of any visual signs of their Muslim identity. This will not be the last time this will happen, which means that to guard against terrorism, Americans will need to become suspicious of their neighbors.

Remember also that the Albanian Muslims in the group would have been indistinguishable from other Americans of European descent. They were white and would have spoken with a Slavic accent.

The only tip-off would have maybe been their clothes, their style of beard, and their body language.

Think about what it means to be suspicious of your neighbor on such slim evidence. And then, think about what being that suspicious will do to American society.

I KNOW what that will do, because Israel has had to ‘do it’.

3 thoughts on “A Turning Point”

  1. Thankfully these guys were stupid enough to be obvious. What I don’t understand is why didn’t the gun range owner question the AK47’s? I may be wrong but I didn’t think that just any smoe off of the street can have those. They couldn’t even shoot them at the gun range. HUGE red flag if you ask me. Of course i’m naturally suspicious of EVERYTHING. I’ve been told I have to be careful with my suspicion. Personally I think i’ve been right on the money….:)

  2. LOL
    and I am way to trusting and open..people surprise me everyday.
    Hey, I had an interview and the lady was from Russia..she had nothing bad to say about her country
    However, she is so freaking smart in her field…those kinds of people are in their own megasupergenius version of the world:) I thought she was nice and funny..however, I’m sure she thinks I’m an idiot:):)
    Yep, in mt field of study, everyone is from another country..why is that?
    so, basically, you are trying to “unteach” all of our lessons and experiences that led us to believe as Mark Twain said
    “we are all fundamentally the same”

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