Gaza. Afghanistan Never Looked So Good

The mind is a wonder. It is awesome, awe-inspiring, and awful. It is one of the most incredible pieces of engineering, and we are so good at screwing it up.

I am amazed.

I would love to go into all the ways that we mess up our minds, but that’s an entry for a different blog. And anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was Gaza.

Because they’ve been so good at screwing it up.

Gangs rule the streets. The security services act as arms of terrorist organizations and have little time for security. There’s no work. Hospitals have no medical supplies. Charities cannot distribute food. Chaos reigns supreme.

The festering sore that Gaza has become is rapidly getting worse. 

In an article like this, most writers would be casting about for a way to blame Israel for this, and some still find ingenious ways to do so. Those that continue to lay the fault at Israel’s feet conveniently forget to say that Israel has been out of Gaza for almost two years. And, long before that, Israel gave a tremendous amount of autonomy to the Gazans.

So what gives?

Why is the place such a mess?

Why are they falling apart so horribly?

Well, you reap what you sow. Garbage in, garbage out. If you plant weeds in your garden, you shouldn’t expect tulips.

Gazans have failed in their responsibility to themselves and to their own children. Instead of fostering a healthy mindset conducive to peace and prosperity, they’ve created an environment of violence.

I now wonder about how bad it’s going to get. They already make Afghanistan look like a paradise.

3 thoughts on “Gaza. Afghanistan Never Looked So Good”

  1. Hmm.. I’m not so sure that was the best literary analogy.
    If you plant weeds, yes, you will not get tulips-those require bulbs, but who is to say you will not get a beautiful, flowering garden of wildflowers? Or medicinal marijjana..that happened to me with a bucket of Walmart seeds..a friend came over and told me about it..he said I’d better kill it or get arrested. And, look at the dandylion…the leaves are highly nutrious and considered a delicacy in some places.
    What is a weed? I think a better analogy is:
    If you plant rocks in your garden, you shouldn’t expect tulips.
    Please don’t sway into the thinking like psychological people road..they are toooooo weird..sneaky humans if you ask me. You don’t want to get sucked up in their wierdness black hole..go the biological/chemical/medical route:):)
    Cool post!

  2. Hi Yossi!
    You are still in my prayers.

    Maybe you will post soon?
    You could even use a fake Jose or something?

  3. hi honey…with all the tunnels under the gaza strip and all the bombs and stuff…i wonder if gaza will simply implode or explode??? ahhhh the choices the choices…sigh

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