Azmi Bishara

There are many different ways for a minority community to gain respect and recognition. Some try to melt into a society, becoming indistinguishable from the rest of the majority community. Some try to excel and rise above the suspicions and stereotypes pointed at them by the majority community. Some become more patriotic than the patriots. Some use the political system to struggle for an equal place with the majority.

And then there are some who turn hostile and seek to undermine the majority through deception and even treason.

Marallyn at Shalom from Jerusalem inspired this topic in her recent post: IN REGIONE CAECORUM REX EST LUSCUS. She quotes from The Jerusalem Post article, ‘Bishara gave the enemy targets’:

In one of the most serious cases of espionage in Israeli history, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) revealed Wednesday that former Balad chairman Azmi Bishara was under investigation for allegedly spying on behalf of Hizbullah during the Second Lebanon War by providing the guerrilla group with targets for their rockets, as well as classified military information.

Azmi Bishara was more than just an Israeli Arab whose anger against Israel pushed him into spying for an enemy. He was the head of a political party that competed with other parties to represent all Israeli Arabs. He was a politician who swore to represent the values and ideals of his constituency and to work with other entities to promote the greater good of the state of Israel.  

Yet, he used his position to betray a country that gave him more power and freedom and wealth than any other state in the region has given its own people. No other state in the Middle East gives Arabs opportunities for advancement like Israel does.

Yet, Azmi Bishara, a leader of his people, sought the path of betrayal.

Israeli Arabs have been hoodwinked by their own leaders and are being led down a path of no return. I truly hope and pray that they will wake up and change the path that they are on. The alternative is terrible tragedy.


Thanks again to Marallyn for an excellent entry. Visit her blog, Shalom from Jerusalem, and read the other great entries.   

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