Weakness Is An Invitation To War

I don’t normally open my email until I’ve written my ‘piece’ for the day – which means that I often don’t get to my emails until MUCH later than I would like. But today, I made an exception. Mostly because there was a certain person that I hadn’t heard from and was wondering if that person wrote me back. (hint! hint!)

Anyway, Yossi wrote me and provided me with today’s post, and I am really sorry to have to post it. Let me allow him to start it out:

I tried to attend a good friend’s wedding last night; Khina was getting married in an Israeli Arab Muslim town called Kfar Yesif (near Acco). I got there a bit early and went to the bathroom. Five waiters followed me into the bathroom and tried to attack me. When I got out of the bathroom, the manager joined the attack. He said that since I’m a Jew, they can do anything they want to me, at which point 30 or 40 waiters started laughing and calling me [—–] in Arabic. I took a photo of him with my digital camera, which he tried to steal and break, and punch me and capture me etc. Good thing I can handle myself in a physical fight when I have enough adrenaline. 

Yossi can take care of himself, but the problem is that he is not well – which may be one of the reasons why they felt that they could attack him with impunity. But, before I go on, I’ll allow Yossi to finish his email to me:

The only decent people seemed to be the investigator, the Arab cab driver who had taken me to the celebration Hall to begin with, and the Druze people from the Pki’in where I had stopped off to learn about Druze herbal lore up until I went to the wedding.

Why am I talking about Yossi’s email here? Because, there is a lesson to be learned here - a lesson that Israel has learned the hard way.

Yossi is not in good health. I won’t go into his illness, but the Arab waiters in Kfar Yesif undoubtedly saw Yossi as someone that they could attack with impunity. They undoubtedly saw him as someone who was weak. Just as undoubtedly, they saw an opportunity to hurt, to maim – and maybe even to kill.

At the same time, the United States congress is drafting bill after bill to force the President of the United States to bring home American soldiers from Iraq. This is one of the deadliest bits of foolishness that I’ve seen in a long time. God forbid that the Senate and the Congress be successful, because that will be the clearest sign to the Muslims that America is ‘easy meat’.

Even if you oppose this war. Even if you thought that it was started for the wrong reasons. Even if you believe that it is being mismanaged. Even if…

Whatever ‘Even If’ you have, the US MUST win this war if they want to live in security. In the Middle East, weakness is an invitation to war.

Israel learned this the hard way, more than a hundred years ago. My friend Yossi had a first-hand experience of it last night. I fear that the US will have many harsh years of ‘learning’ this in the years to come. 

7 thoughts on “Weakness Is An Invitation To War”

  1. You are in my prayers, Yossi.
    Why don’t you post?
    It looks like there are no more than 5 of us here:):):):)
    At least I hope that’s right:):)

  2. You are so right, John. We must be the victors in this war or accept the fact that the Islomofaciast vultures, who are hungry to pick our bones, will descend upon us like Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds! America had better wake up and realize the Democratic Party has been infiltrated by the Socialists of the world, and they have an agenda to see our free Democracy buried, because as long as there is Democracy, they do not have complete control of the enviornment(they worship Gaia, the earth goddess, who is more important than human life and this is why we cannot access the oil fields in Alaska and New Mexico that would free us from foreign oil dependancy). What they don’t understand is, Islomofaciasts don’t give a rats patutti about Gaia nor the enviornment! Their agenda is to bring the world to it’s knees to bow before their 12th Imam, and the Democrats, in all their perceived, superior intellectualism, are going to bleed right along side of the rest of us!!! My heart aches for President Bush who seems to be standing alone when it comes to protecting our nation. I’m truly concerned about the up-coming Presidential elections. Thanks to past, do nothing administrations, the Islamofasciasts saw us as a “paper tiger” and flew planes into the World Trade Center. President Bush stepped up to the plate and took on the bad guys and our country rallied behind him. But the Socialists realized they couldn’t win back the power with Bush’s successful leadership, so they have lied, cheated and schemed to undermine him at every turn and put us all at risk! They have deceived half the country, and betrayed us to the world. Their tactics are shameful and unpatriotic, even treasonous! Yes, America had better wake up!!!

  3. Rock on Bush.
    Now, get the votes from the indep. and get all of those illegals out of America. Sad, the CEOs may have to take a pay cut:( May have to give up their daily professional manicures and pedicures:(:(

  4. Carol-
    What? What is this about the Earth godess? Never heard of that one.
    I do respect the Democrats focus on the environment, though.
    Rock on the guardians of nature, God’s Masterpiece.

  5. Anna, here is some info on the Earth Goddess, Gaia. She’s part of Greek mythology. I understand Prince Charles is a huge follower, which explains his passion for enviornmental issues (have you ever read “The Anti-Christ and a Cup of Tea”?). Don’t get me wrong, I believe we should take care of the earth. That is a Biblical principle, but God created this earth (not Gaia) and put everything in it that is needed to sustain life. That includes the oil resources. We are not running out of oil and there is no “global warming”! Over 1500 scientists agree, but apparently Al Gore (who is anything but a scientist) has
    more pull with the Left and all their riches, so his message is drowning out the truth! The only, very slightest variation in the earths temperature actually comes from the inner core of earth, not the atmosphere. God controls this universe, and will one day, explode this thing and create a new heaven and earth.

    My Gaia both laments and rejoices in giving birth to the earth and protecting it from harm. She is inspired by the writing of James Lovelock, a chemist, who in 1972, formulated The Gaia Hypothesis, describing his theory in a book of the same name.
    The earth, he postulated, is a self-regulating, closed system. Life creates its own environment and thus regulates the climate and all aspects of the ecosystem in which it thrives. Human beings are not independent from their environment. As a life form, we have evolved on earth, been created from the components of our ecosystem, and in turn we create the natural world in which we live and prosper. Upset that balance of our environment, and we can no longer survive as an integral part of it.


  6. Hi Guys!
    I have a job interview next Tuesday! So, I shall stop bugging you:)
    Prayers are welcome:) Hope it doesn’t go to some foreigner:):)
    But something has been on my mind lately, and nobody wants to listen:)What’s with this *huge* focus on fighting the president on his decisions?!!All of this blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah “discussions” and people are getting killed *everyday*!!!! If the troops were adequately supported (I don’t think there was a draft) then maybe, just maybe we could win this war, AND those against the war could use their energy and work on the mess we have right here in America.
    Seems like more of a power struggle to me.

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