May Day and When It All Goes Bad

Happy May Day everyone!

The May Day that most of you know is the Socialist celebration of the working class and it was also a commemoration of the Haymarket riot of 1886, in Chicago. I’m still not clear why they chose May 1st, when the riot happened on May 4th!

According to pagans, it’s also the first day of Summer.

Anyone out there with their Maypole?


Me neither.

But, back to May Day, the socialist version. I find it interesting that a movement that advocated such high ideals would become a source of the very oppression that they sought to eradicate.

In fact, I can’t think of ANY idealistic movement that didn’t become perverted and oppressive.

The only movements that seem to have the least corruption and oppression are those movements that recognize that we all have the capacity to do evil, and that this capacity must be restrained for the good of everyone.

If you think about it, that’s pretty much the basis for the democratic republic that is the United States.

It’s when we start to believe that we are all basically good people… well, THAT seems to be the point when it all goes bad. 

4 thoughts on “May Day and When It All Goes Bad”

  1. Wow, I thought May Day meant we were supposed to take flowery paper cups and fill them with candy and ribbons and give to our friends. Ring the doorbell and run away. Funny you posted on..whatever..but I was going to help my little 3yr nephew with that!!Seriously.
    Happy May Day everyone-treat yourself to some candy today:)

  2. Yep, it all goes that all of those Mexicans are putting a huge strain on American everything. The lady that cleans my Moms house makes more money than I do, AND she asks to be payed in only cash.
    Fire that woman!!!! She doesn’t even do a good job. All of her helpers can’t even speak English! Damn those Mexicans.
    Oh, and I didn’t know this was a Commie holiday…damn those Cubans, too.

  3. you think YOU’ve got problems??? check out my blog…come home quick honey…you’re missing all the fun…sigh…ps great post as usual

  4. Lou Dobbs wrote a very cool article about it on CNN website.

    My cousin was in his front yard playing with his kids in a middle class “safe neighborhood”, and 3 Mexicans were speeding by. My cousin yelled, “Slow Down!”
    So, they came back with knives and stabbed him. He almost didn’t make it. We had to have a huge cook-out and auction to pay for his medical bills.
    It’s unfortunate so much time is being spent on undermining the President of the US, when so much is going on *here* they could divert their energy and attention to. Let The President run the country; The Democrats are neglecting the people they are supposed to represent.

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