Suffering With Superheroes

Sorry about yesterday’s deafening silence. My Little sister is home from the hospital, and she needed her older brother to play chauffeur and maid and food heater and…

However, I was paid a great accolade. My sister told mom that I should be called ‘the baby whisperer’. Maybe it’s just that I love Little things and Little things love being loved.


Anyway, that was yesterday.

Today, we’re back to dealing with the muck and yuck of the world. Specifically, the muck rakers, the journalists.


Raise your right hand if you’ve ever been to University. Raise your left hand if you knew students studying journalism. Raise your left foot if you know why journalism students want to become journalists. Use your right foot to scroll as you read this.

You look ridiculous. Do you always do what people tell you to do?

What is the most common reason why journalism students want to be journalists?

They want to make the world a better place. They want to stamp out injustice. All injustice. Everywhere. They’re full of vim and vigor. Passion.

They’re mad and not gonna take it anymore.

If you want to find volunteers for the next superhero, you’ll find your best candidates at the local school of journalism. The problem is that our little superheroes have more passion than a grasp of reality.

I think that you can see where I’m going with this.

Israel has seen a succession of little superheroes. Maybe the better word is ‘suffer’. Israel has suffered with a succession of little superheroes.

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  1. mazal tov honey…Little babies have to be the best…kiss this new one from me too…i never thought of being a journalist…sigh…and they didn’t have a degree in storytelling…bigger sigh…come visit my blog and answer the questions…hmmmmm a little bit of this and a little bit of that…said fiddler

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