Virginia Tech, Every Day

I’ve been listening to the radio a lot. In fact, it’s second only to print as my favorite source of news.

Hardly a day has goes by without something about the Virginia Tech shootings, and I’ve been letting all this wash over me – ruminating, thinking.

I just can’t help comparing recent events to my experience in Israel. I’ve had my neighborhood shot at every day for a year. I’ve had a bus blow up just down the street from my apartment. My brother escaped death or serious injury by being late for a Karate lesson. I’ve arrived early to the office, in time to see the smoke of yet another massacre rise just a few blocks away.

That is life in Israel. Every day brings the possibility of a Virginia Tech massacre.

To compensate, you give your kids cell phones so that you can call them when you hear about a bombing. You discuss the safest seat on the bus – in case of terrorist attack. You endure insultingly personal questions and the detailed examination of every item in your backpack or purse. Luggage that isn’t sitting next to someone becomes a possible bomb. You worry that every Arab might be a terrorist – especially if they carry a backpack. You become addicted to the news.

And you don’t realize how stressful all this is, until you travel to abroad.

For those of you living in the US, THAT is your future. One day, probably within the next decade or so, you will be where Israel is now. Something like Virginia Tech will be a real possibility every day, unless real changes are made now.

America still doesn’t understand the ‘War on Terrorism’, and those that do understand, don’t want to make the deep sacrifices necessary to win that war. I understand that. But, the more that you delay the necessary, the more painful the necessary will need to be.

The alternative is Virginia Tech, every day.

8 thoughts on “Virginia Tech, Every Day”

  1. I think America doesn’t understand the war on terrorism, because we embrace all religions. I know that there are peaceful, law abiding Muslims living here, so it’s unfair to assume all are secretly planning to take over.
    Kind of like “cafeteria Catholics”. There is a wide range of religious interpretation and dedication.
    In America, we just have random crazies that come out of nowhere and snap for various reasons.

  2. The pastor of my church quoted something from the Bible..I can’t remember it, so anyone?
    Basically it says God will save all of his children that are believers in Christ…something like that? Sound familiar?

    He (pastor) also mentioned that it’s not genetics, it’s not works, not your ethnic background, but what you believe in your heart. Call me hopeful, but I still think there are a lot of normal Muslims Christians can minister to.

  3. I had to turn off the news this morning. I was so ticked off at the liberal left I was ready to storm the nearest news center and get in the face of the first reporter I could find. Reporters they are so bias. Needless to say I was growling as I walked down the stairs to the car on my way to my daughters school. Let me just say that there’s nothing like having a thriteen year old lecture you about calling reporters ugly names. LoL It wasn’t even 8a.m. yet.

    The afternoon was no better. Dad had the news on at lunchtime and it was like 4-square news. A riot at the Federal pen in Indianna somewhere, terrible storms in the Dallas Ft Worth area AGAIN, In Iraq 9 military dead from a car bomber and then a shooting in the Galleria area of Houston. Ironically one of the men injured is a diplomat from the Israeli consulat


    This evening it was congressional hearings disputing the Pentigons handling of vital information regarding the death of Pat Tillman and the rescue of Jessica Lynch . Whoe boy they are having a hay day with this one.

    Honestly though, I don’t think the natural progression of this world is suppose to end the violance. Things are going to ebb and flow. Like breathing. Good, evil, good, evil, evil,good, evil, good, good and so it goes on and on until the end of time…..

  4. Could you imagine if every American was trained to fight the war on terrorism from birth here on out. If the right to bare arms wasn’t a right but a nessesity of life. We were all issued a weapon to bare. Comes with the birth certificate or is a right of passage like when you get your drivers license. I wonder if it will ever come to that.

    I can see Johns line of thinking. Americans better wise up to the demise that besets them should the liberals have their way.

    John, I think it depends on where/when your traveling. Of course I was detained as I escourted my daughter to her domestic flight and it’s just going to get worse.

  5. “If My People who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”.

    “When we do our best to please the Lord, He will make our worst enemies to be at peace with us”

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