It Starts With Greed

I have been contemplating evil. I think that anyone remembering the Holocaust, and watching the news about the Virginia Tech shootings will be contemplating such things.

We have a lot of descriptions of Evil, and every person has their own private definition. But, none of those descriptions really reach the heart of what Evil is – where it comes from. Our definitions merely point to signs and symptoms – the doing of Evil.

When asked where Evil comes from, most of us will say the obvious: hatred, anger – and variations on those two feelings. But, where do those feelings come from?

Where did Hitler’s hatred of the Jews come from? And, the Virginia Tech murderer? Where did HIS hatred come from?

I have a couple of relatives who are some of the most hateful people that I know. Their anger and hatred is truly awesome to behold. Where does that come from?

I’d tell you now, but I think that I need to lead you up to it. You’ve heard of the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome?

When we are threatened, our endocrine systems dump chemicals into our bodies that push us into one of two directions. One direction is to fight – we rise up and attack the thing or person that threatens us. The other direction is flight – we run away from the threat.

Have you seen someone react in anger at a threatening situation?

Yup. Anger.

And, running away from a threat… well, that’s fear.

And, I can tell you that we hate those that we fear. And too much anger… same thing.

So, when there is a threat, hatred is often a result of a threat.

Unfortunately, that is only half the picture. The other half is Greed.

Notice that the great genocides were started by individuals. They set a target. They worked subtly. They took advantage of opportunities. They spoke of people being a threat to their audience. They created anger and fear, and then hatred.

And then, they gave direction.

Because of Greed.

Hitler, the President of Rwanda, Husseini, the Arab League in 1948. They all knew that the quickest way to power was having someone to hate. People will support you when you can convince them that they are threatened by someone – and that you have the answer.

Those who are greedy for power will use fear and anger to rise to power.

Has there ever been a conflict in which Greed and Hatred have NOT been the cause? Greedy men using hatred to gain power.

So, when we want to talk about the heart of Evil…

It starts with Greed. 

6 thoughts on “It Starts With Greed”

  1. You don’t listen, I tell you, it is the Devil…maybe demons is a better word…how about Satans Army?
    And the world is getting more psycho everyday.
    Anyway, do you know any photojournalists? I need a job, and these mega-corporation mega-institutions (I worked as a scientist in a lab)excuse of a workplace sucks. You are so right about greed..people are totally different when they get into the workplace..must be extreme shortage of resources
    All are in my prayers

  2. Interesting analysis, very secular-humanistic. Question is, where does hatred and fear come from? Where does greed come from?
    Is God greedy? Does God fear? Does God hate anything besides sin? Does God envy? The answer to these questions is “NO”.

    So where do these things come from? Is the devil greedy? Does the devil fear? Is the devil envious? Does the devil hate? YOU BET HE DOES!!! If you’ve ever read the “Good Book”, you would have seen where it says “the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy”. It will tell you he is a liar and a deceiver. People who blow themselves up have been lied to and deceived by guess who?

    Now, if you’ve read that far in the “Good Book”, you will also have read where it says “God is LOVE” and that “perfect LOVE casts out ALL fear”. It also says “He (God) came to give LIFE “, and not just life, but “ABUNDANT” life!”

    You can analyse it with intellect until the cows come home, but the bottom line is, there are two sources at work on this planet. One represents good and the other is evil. Everything emanates from those two sources.

    Does one have to believe in God and the devil to make it so? No, it is the truth, whether a person believes or not doesn’t change what is!

    Anna, you’re right-on!

  3. Oops, just one more thought. It really doesn’t “start with greed”, it starts with SELF! The definition of sin is: Small “s” – big ‘I’ – small “n”. The big “I”, I, ME & MINE is where it starts. Selfishness and self-centeredness produces greed. It’s all SIN and produces destruction and death in one form or another.

    P.S. READ THE “BOOK”. The answers to ALL of lifes questions, problems and challenges are in there.

  4. hello my sweet friend…i am sorry i disappeared but you know why…did you mean it about september??? really??? thanks my john for being in my life…for understanding…for not going softly into the night…and for being brave enough to speak from your heart…talk to you soon…i’m back…stay safe…loveyou, marallyn

  5. Thanx C:)
    Why waste brain power on something already answered..I like your cows comment:):)
    There is a Holy War, and our minds can be the devils playground. Each day I have to remind myself that all of us are in a war zone..all over the world.

  6. I experianced greed first hand. I’ve never been one to pursue monatary gain really, but I saw first hand what happens when someone does. YIKES!

    We are truly in a spiritual battle of light and dark. It is the strangest experiance when you are in it and you see how limited Satan really is.

    He doesn’t like it so much when he hears the name of Jesus being whispered…It truly is the most powerful of names.

    Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless His Holy name!

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