Worrying About the Green

I was reading a US newspaper today and ran across an article about how a hotel was having a problem with one of their cooks, a Muslim woman. She was wearing her hijab (head covering), and they wanted her to stop. The article had a picture.

Woman – check.

Hijab – check.

Apron – check.

Kitchen – check.

Wait a second… Green Apron – whoops!

When you live in the Middle East, you learn how to see, and you learn do’s and don’ts. For instance, if you do not want to be identified with the Israeli settler movement, do not wear a certain shade of orange. In fact, don’t wear ANY shade of orange.

The same idea applies among Muslims and Arabs. The colors that you wear and the clothing that you wear communicates your affiliation. And, there is one color to watch for, and it’s green. This shade of green:

The Color of Islam

Wearing THAT shade of green says that you are a Muslim. Worn prominently, it says that you are a very devout Muslim – maybe even radical. Devout is fine. Devout radical is NOT.

And, the green apron was THAT shade of green. THAT is what worried me about the picture. I was cool with the hijab, but not the green.

I hate having to wonder about that kind of thing.

2 thoughts on “Worrying About the Green”

  1. Well, what’s a “green zone”??
    Does that mean ” Go ahead, bomb this zone only”?
    They must really mess with each others minds here in the US on St. Patricks Day.

  2. Well, where’s the picture? Did the apron have Jihadi or something of the like embroidred on it? What Hotel? What Newspaper?

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