Women Don’t Count

For about 12 years, my favorite restaurant in the whole world was a Little place called Kamin. It had the best beef stroganoff. With pickles.

Who’d have thought that beef stroganoff would be good with pickles?

The owners were secular. The cooks were Arab. The waitresses were students. The atmosphere green and quiet. A great place.

My sister even worked there for a couple years before it closed its door, and she had a chance to talk to one of the cooks. Abu, I think his name was.

When they were both taking a break, my sis asked Abu, “So, how many kids do you have?”

“Three,” he said.

Later she discovered that he actually had five. That was when she discovered that when you ask an Arab (even a Muslim) how many children they have, they only count the boys.

Because women don’t count.

4 thoughts on “Women Don’t Count”

  1. It’s definitely a man’s religion. So, women don’t count? Why
    don’t they just banish all the worthless women so they can
    (briefly) exist with the only ones who “count.” In about 70 years, all the madmen of the world would be no more. That would solve a lot of the worlds problems, now wouldn’t it?

    You know John, I used to think we could win this war against terror, but realizing the generations that follow are being indoctrinated with hatred and lies, I’m thinking it will go on forever.
    The scary thing is, no one is willing to annhilate them, but they are
    zealous to annhilate us! I see the world being ruled by Muslims 50 yrs. from now. The lily-livered liberals are opening the barn doors
    and laying out the carpet for Muslims to indoctrinate Christian America.

    A college in Minneapolis has just proposed “foot-washing”
    facilities to be constructed on the campus to accomodate the Muslims who are apparently doing their religious foot-washing in the campus bathrooms, creating a public health issue. The foot-washers have been asked to cease the practice, but in their “zeal” for their religion, they are ignoring the request. Oh, did I mention this college prohibits anything Christian? No Christmas Carols, no mangers, no Christmas anything. No Christian pictures, clubs, classes, lectures, movies, nothing, nada! So, instead of expelling the disobedient ones, the school, in all their infinite, intellectual wisdom, has decided it’s best to reward these religious rebels with their very own foot-washing facility……oh, did I mention…..it will be built at taxpayers expense!!! BRILLIANT!!!

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