Women and Islam

When Yossi sent me that picture of the nuns with rifles, I couldn’t help myself. I just had to post it, and waiting until Monday was just ‘not on’. But, it’s Monday now, and Mondays are for sober reflection. No laughing allowed (although a chuckle or two is permissible).

First of all, there are some who don’t know that when a Muslim man dies while defending Islam, Muslims, or for any other ‘righteous’ reason, that man goes to heaven where he can expect to have 70 virgins waiting for him.

I’m a bit dubious about the supposed benefits of being ganged up on by 70 virgins. Have you ever seen 70 virgins all in one room? Do you know what that’s like?

Just as any fifth grade teacher.

And then, what about the poor women who die ‘righteous’ deaths? As far as I know, they get nothing. The Quran (aka, Koran) certainly is quiet about what women can expect in heaven. In fact, the Quran is far too quiet about ANYTHING nice about women, except for how they can be used by men.

That’s a huge part of the point.

Islam appeals to our basest instincts. Anger, hatred, violence, slavery, sexual subjugation, and much more are condoned, even encouraged. For instance, you can murder your fiance, based only upon the suspicion of infidelity. In fact, a reputation for having done so makes you respectable. In Western parlance, having murdered your wife or fiance for infidelity makes you ‘a real man’ in the eyes of other men.

And, you don’t even have to offer proof.