A Presidential Candidate and Iranian Miscalculation

I had a thought about who should be president. Or, more importantly, who should NOT be president. This isn’t about who has the best ideas, or who would be the most effective. It’s not about ideology. It’s not even about values.

Y’all are going to have to make that decision for yourselves. I’m not even sure that I am qualified to give advice on which candidate would be good for America. But, there is one thing that I CAN do: tell you how other countries perceive each candidate – at least how Middle East countries perceive the candidates. Or, more importantly, a candidate named Hillary.

I don’t know if Hillary would be a bad president, or a good one. In fact, I don’t know if ANYONE knows, but I can say that the Iranian leadership hopes that either Hillary or Barak Obama will get into power.

Because Hillary Clinton is a woman, Iran will automatically believe that she will have a weaker will than a male president. They will believe that she will be less likely, even unlikely, to meet Iranian military adventurism with force.

Iranians will always want a Democrat because, Historically speaking, they tend to fumble foreign policy a bit more than Republicans. But, they will love Hillary because they don’t think that she’ll have the balls to stop their nuclear weapons program, or their eventual attempt to attack Israel.

I believe that the Iranians would be in for the same kind of rude shock that the Argentinans experienced with Maggie Thatcher. (Although, Hillary is no Margret Thatcher.) The Iranians just don’t understand that an American (or other western) woman can be as tough as a guy – or tougher.

It’s that lack of understanding that should worry us. The Argentinians miscalculated and invaded the Falkland Islands, thinking that Margret Thatcher didn’t have the balls to kick them out. Unfortunately for Argentina, Maggie had more than balls, and to this day, she will always be remembered as the ‘Iron Lady’.

Unfortunately, in the process, Britain paid a heavy price in having to correct Argentina’s miscalculation.

None of us want to be in the same situation and have America (and Israel) pay the same kind of price for Iran’s miscalculation.