Murderous Thugs on the Left?

What did I mean yesterday when I said Murderous Thugs of the Left?

Well, I certainly don’t mean that being on the Left means being a murderous thug. What I mean is that those who are murderous thugs and are on the Left have entered into an unholy alliance with the murderous thugs of Islam.

Who are these murderous thugs on the Left?

Generally speaking it’s the media. No, they don’t wave gun in your face. They don’t kidnap children and blow up market places. They do something just as bad. They lie.

Oh, they give accurate facts. They generally have THAT much honesty, but handing out facts does not make you honest. It takes more than that. Honesty means presenting the facts in such a way that the reader understands the truth.

It means putting the facts in context.

But, none of that tells you why some leftist journalists and commentators are murderous thugs.

It lies with lies. In a delicate political environment like the Middle East, lies kill. They give confidence of victory to the gunmen and bomb makers – the confidence to continue the fight. They convince the ignorant to stop supporting those who fight the gunmen and bomb makers.

That support pays for the scanners and trauma units. It pays for the sensors and the barbed wire. It pays for the fuel and the jeeps. It pays for the doctors and nurses that save the lives of those broken – when the sensors and jeeps can’t stop the terrorists. That support pays for everything that a country like Israel needs to defend herself.

A lying media kills, and that’s why I call them murderous thugs. You will undoubtedly find me writing more about this in the future.