Murderous Thugs

I’ve been on a bit of a ‘rant and rave’ for the past few days on Islam and the Way of Death. In one sense, this shouldn’t surprise me – or anyone else. Human beings, as a species, have generally observed some pretty horrifying religious practices. ‘Death for Others’ is a common religious theme in human history.

It is natural to want to ignore that part of human history. After all, who wants to believe that underneath this sophisticated social veneer, we are all murderous thugs?

No one.

Unfortunately, those on the Left who are murderous thugs are quick to ignore the deadliness of Islam and attack Israel for not being nicer to the murderous thugs on her borders.

Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe the problem is that we are reluctant to see how natural it is for the murderous thugs of the Left to be in unholy alliance with the murderous thugs in Islam.