Stepping On Them

In my campaign to sow shock and horror among an innocent and unsuspecting readership, I offer yet another factoid on Islam and the way of death.

Do you remember the war between Iran and Iraq? Back in the 80s?

Yes, I’m that old. One day, you will be too.

Anyway, the Iraqis had superior weapons, but the Iranians had better moral and a larger population. Of course that meant that the Iranians threw a lot of infantry at modern tanks. The casualties were horrific, but that’s not my point.

When you have a large population, not everyone can be a soldier. If you are too young, or too old, you don’t have the strength or the endurance to do the job (i.e., throwing yourself at a tank).

So, what do you do with those who are too young or too old?

Well, they are great for mine clearance.

That’s right. When the Iranian army wanted to send soldiers through a certain area that was full of mines, they sent in the too young and the too old to make a path that was clear of mines. And, how did they deactivate these mines?

By stepping on them.

4 thoughts on “Stepping On Them”

  1. I tell you, it’s the devil. Same thing happens in ~Corporate America.
    Hey, guys, get this. I’ve been asking my Mom a, a whole lot of History questions. She went out and bought me a book:)
    It’s called _Jerusalem Countdown_ by John Hagee.

  2. Outstanding book…”Jerusalem Countdown”. I recommend it to everyone. It is a look into the future and how it’s all going to play out. It’s all predicted in scriptures (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel, Matthew and Revelation) but the average person doesn’t understand prophecy. John Hagee has laid it all out in plain English so anyone can understand what is already beginning to happen, and how it’s all going to end. Anyone who is even slightly interested in the future needs to read this book. It’s the gospel truth, un-sugar-coated.

  3. I know! Totally thumbs up.
    I thought it was interesting to hear about how Jews and Gentiles worshipped together after Jesus.
    It was also interesting to learn more about atheistic Russia…I guess Fred may not be the Antichrist.

    Also, I’m going to watch one of my favourite movies “Schindler’s List”.
    I still think it should be called Nazi Organization rather than Nazi Germany.

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