My Iranian Neighbors

I just found out that the neighbors to the place where I am staying are Iranian. In fact, just a minute ago, I saw the father back out of his garage and run into my host’s fence. Should I consider this yet another form of state-sponsored Iranian terrorism? A thinly-veiled strike against Israel?

Okay, maybe not. They probably left Iran, like many have done (and still do) because it is a place that has become unbearable. They seem like a pretty good family, and I feel sorry for their little boy who doesn’t seem to have many friends.

Of course, if the father of the household keeps running into the fence, I may call my buddies in homeland security!

Would they call fence abuse as domestic terrorism? Or international terrorism. 

1 thought on “My Iranian Neighbors”

  1. that all depends on whether they know that an israeli is living in the house next door and if they are willing to peacefully return our service men and women…when i was teaching in detroit a new family moved in to the school district from syria…the little girl was in my first grade class for one day…that was all it took for the father to discover that horror of horrors his little fatima was being taught by a JEW!!!…and those were the good old days…i think your poor fence better get a guard like we have here in front of every public place…come home john i miss you

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