A Choice

Commenting on yesterday’s post, Carol beautifully illustrated how I feel about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Frustration. Hopelessness.

The intelligentsia of this world write their little articles about how shameful Israel is in mistreating the downtrodden Palestinian. In their eyes, the poor Palestinian is the Noble Savage of a bygone era.

What they choose not to see is the violence against the weak, the honor killings, the child abuse, the lack of respect for the sanctity of life.

When I see Israel pilloried by the high-browed, holier-than-thou press, I want to scream and rant and rave. Just once, I would like Israel’s critics to live where I have lived and watch the rescue teams pull the bodies out of the mangled wreckage of a bus bombing. I want them to talk to the Israeli soldiers who speak of the unimaginable horror of what they have been through.

The problem is that the effete liberals of the West HAVE been there and refuse to see.

In his last words, an old man stood before Israel and offered them a choice between death and life. The conflict between Israel and the Arab world offers us the same choice.

4 thoughts on “A Choice”

  1. We also need to be aware of the advances of the extremeists in areas formally not concerned with the conflict. Such as in Venezuela with all the alliances with Iran.

  2. it never ends does it honey…sorry i disappeared…emma is written/final edit/and printed…so now i am back with time to read and comment…yahooooooooooo honey i miss you

  3. You know what I’m thinking..yes, a dangerous thing. But, isn’t it the editors that make the final decision? Who owns the news anyway? Surely not the people. I mean, my little three year old nephew already has nightmares about CSIMiami..
    I haven’t witnessed your journalists, however;
    I just get bits and pieces of the news here and there since my roommate only watches the Food Channel and HGTV. Seriously. It’s kinda surreal to read one of your articles and then talk about fashion:)
    I like what Jungle mentioned on her site. Americans (I think that’s who she was talking about) have a different sense of time.

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