They Can Always Make More

Many have been surprised, shocked and horrified recently by ‘new’ developments in the tactics used by terrorists. They’re using children, and targeting children.

I am surprised at their surprise. Muslim terrorists have been targeting children for decades because they know that the more you love your kids, the more you will hurt when they kill them.

Lovely people. Just lovely.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

During the first Lebanon war, a friend of mine was serving in an Israeli unit in southern Lebanon. On his way back home, he found himself stuck in a massive traffic jam. The police suspected that an abandoned car was a car bomb. As my friend waited impassively for the bomb squad to investigate (and possibly defuse) the car, an Arab taxi driver turned to his young son and told him to check the car.

My friend was horrified and remonstrated with the taxi driver. In reply, the driver shrugged and said:

I can always make more.

1 thought on “They Can Always Make More”

  1. Oh John, what is the answer? what are we to do? What a sick, sick society. It is just so difficult to get my head around the fact that this is really happening. I remember the first beheading. I just knew they were just threats…..they would REALLY cut off a man’s head……while he was still living…..somehow it would be resolved and they would let him go. But they did it…..and they filmed it…!!! The world has slipped into the abiss. The unbelieveable is the norm. Evil rules the planet. What are we to do?

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