What A Mess

It may shock you to hear this, but I have always been a supporter of the rights of Israeli Arabs.

Now, calm down. I have my reasons.

The first of them is the Jewish people. When you oppress someone, you do damage to yourself – in fact, MORE damage than you do to the oppressed. Second, the Jews have been an example to the rest of the world, and should continue to be a good example. And third, treating Israeli Arabs with respect shows Arab states that they have nothing to fear from Israel.

There are more reasons than that, but this’ll do for now.

But, I’m not the only Zionist that believes that Israeli Arabs deserve a ‘fair shake’. I have a number of friends in Israel who are as fanatic as I am and who go out of their way to help Arabs in trouble.

When you are a Zionist, helping an Arab in need is just another way of helping the Jewish state.

So, to those of us who are ‘enlightened Zionists’, what do we do with this Little bit of information:

More than a quarter of Israel’s Arab citizens believe the Holocaust never happened, and nearly two thirds of Israeli Jews avoid entering Arab towns, a poll by an Israeli university showed Sunday, demonstrating the poor state of relations between the two communities.

The poll, conducted by Sami Smoocha, a prominent sociologist at the University of Haifa, showed a wide gap of mistrust, anger and fear between Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens.

In its most dramatic finding, the poll showed that 28 percent of Israeli Arabs did not believe the Holocaust happened, and that among high school and college graduates the figure was even higher – 33 percent.

According to Smoocha’s analysis, radicals in the Arab world believe the Holocaust to be a political event, and many feel that by denying it they are expressing opposition to Israel.

Among Israeli Jews, 63 percent said they avoid entering Arab towns and cities, and 68 percent fear the possibility of civil unrest among Israeli Arabs.

Pollsters interviewed 721 Arabs and 702 Jews. The margin of error was 3.7 percentage points.

Asked about the war with Hizbullah guerrillas in Lebanon last summer, nearly half of the Israeli Arabs polled – 48 percent – said they believed that Hizbullah’s rocket attacks on northern Israel during that war were justified, even though numerous Arabs were killed and wounded in those attacks.

While 89 percent said they viewed the IDF’s bombing of Lebanon as a war crime, only 44 percent said they saw Hizbullah’s attacks on Israel as such. Hizbullah pelted northern Israel with nearly 4,000 rockets.

Half of Israeli Arab respondents said Hizbullah’s capture of IDF reservists Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev in a cross-border raid was justified. That incident sparked the 34-day conflict.  

 How can any group of people be so stupid?

The Israeli Arabs have one of the highest standards of living in the Middle East, yet they allow idiots to preach and teach garbage that leads to poll results like the above.

You know, this kind of thing makes DOING the ‘right thing’ so much harder. But, that must not keep us from our purpose – especially when there are many Arabs who are passionate supporters of Israel.


What a mess.