Hitler Loved His Dog

I love the hysteria that often surrounds ‘peace initiatives’. It’s usually characterized by talking heads claiming that this is ‘the last chance for peace’. They jump on ANY positive sign as a source for optimism.

In Sunday’s Jerusalem Post, Barry Rubin, offered up his favorite example from Newsweek: 

‘The Supreme Leader [of Iran, Sayyid Ali Khamenei] was deeply suspicious of the American government,’ says a Khameini aide whose position does not allow him to be named. ‘But [he] was repulsed by these terrorist acts [of September 11] and was truly sad about the loss of the civilian lives in America. For two weeks, worshipers at Friday prayers even stopped chanting ‘Death to America.’

I remember that one.

The media pounced on this tiny evidence of humanity to show how hopeful everyone should be for peace.

Wow. A development. They stopped chanting ‘Death to America’ for two whole weeks. I’m impressed. For a moment in time, the Iranian government was just a little less evil. I’m so relieved. 

I’m sure that the Allied Powers during World War II and the millions of Jews murdered in German concentration camps would have been reassured by the knowledge that Hitler loved his dog.

2 thoughts on “Hitler Loved His Dog”

  1. I wonder whether that really means that Khamenei was shocked, or whether the people had a moment of clarity and “what are we saying?” break through the mob mentality…

  2. as every good writer know even your most evil character should have something human about him…take hannibal lector…but i fear loving his dog ain’t gona do it…well maybe if you are a relative of ishmael it is somthing you can latch on to…sigh

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