Tell Me That I’m Dreaming

There are a lot of reasons why I don’t like the UN. It’s mind-numbingly corrupt. It’s appetite for hypocrisy is gluttonous. It’s horribly inefficient, in the extreme.

And, it’s outrageously stupid.

Stupidity is a hot button for me, so I can’t pass up examples of it.

Here’s one. Today, the Associated Press reports:

In Vienna on Thursday, delegates to a 35-nation meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency approved the suspension of 22 nuclear technical aid projects to Iran as part of UN sanctions.


After years of Iranian intransigence, the IAEA (the UN’s nuclear regulatory agency) FINALLY suspends nuclear technical AID PROJECTS?!?!?!

I am in awe.

Here we are, trying to get Iran to stop working on their nuclear weapons, and the UN is GIVING them assistance in nuclear technology.

I’m dreaming, right? Please, someone tell me that I’m dreaming. This can’t be happening.

3 thoughts on “Tell Me That I’m Dreaming”

  1. wake up honey and smell the roses…the whole wide world is nuts…except for you and me that is…shavuah tov my dear dear friend…another great post

  2. Hmmm..maybe it’s just worded weird. Maybe it just meant, “Iran, you can’t buy any more supplies, and you are in one, big, huge time-out!”

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