Switzerland Invades Lichtenstein, Does Not Find BIIF

In a surprise ‘incident’ last Thursday night, two companies of Swiss infantry crossed the border of Lichtenstein and advanced almost two miles under the cover of darkness before turning back to base.

Reports of  the population of 34,000 turning out to wave Swiss flags and do the Swiss Wave have not been confirmed (or even heard). Nor have any of the Lichtenstein armed forces been seen anywhere.

Some have speculated that invasion may be the result of feelings of Swiss inferiority. Lichtenstein recently caused widespread consternation when they achieved the appellation of “The Country with the Happiest Cows in Europe”.

However, in a statement to the Associated Press, Lichtenstein Interior Ministry spokesman Marcus Amman said:

No one even noticed the soldiers…

Of course, one would be wise to be suspicious of ANY statements by someone with a name like AMMAN!

Both countries have been playing down the incident. The Associated Press reports that the incident was a ‘routine training exercise’ and that the soldiers carried assault rifles but no ammunition.

It’s not like they stormed over here with attack helicopters or something. 

So says Marcus AMMAN!

Could it be that they FORGOT their ammunition? Or, had they RUN OUT of ammunition? Was that why they turned back? Was there maybe a ‘happy cow’ massacre? I think that we all deserve answers to these important questions.

And what about this claim by the Associated Press that Lichtenstein doesn’t HAVE an army? I just can’t believe it. How can cows be so happy if they don’t have an army to defend them against Swiss aggression?!

Also, one wonders if the Swiss were actually hunting for militants of the BIIF (Bovine International Islamic Front). And, if they didn’t find them in Lichtenstein, I really WOULD like to know the answer to, “Where’s the BIIF”.

In a time of worldwide terrorism, one must always consider a wider context.

You KNOW that it’s gotta be true!


For a full report, go here: Swiss Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein


3 thoughts on “Switzerland Invades Lichtenstein, Does Not Find BIIF”

  1. Personally I think John runs around his house in his white business shirt and socks screaming the Liechtenstein national anthem. Ya’ll know what happens when he hits the wooden floor.

    You will find Liechtenstein nestled between Switzerland and Austria. The average age their is 39 and women outnumber the men. German is the preferred language

    Man power fit for military service is 6250, but it is stated that Switzerland is responsible for defense.

    This wonderful little place apparently does alot of laundry. I wonder if they would do my laundry?

  2. I personally don’t think we’all are reading the same post up there.
    Maybe he should have listened to his gypsy friend before freaking out over
    something so normal.

    I would also like to read some of her books…any recommendations? God made the Earth, the Heavens..and most likely the galaxy, so why wouldn’t there be some message in the stars? I’m curious. I mean isn’t that a song? “To everything, turn,turn,turn..there is a reason..” Joni Michell is one of my favs:)

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