The Best for Israel

I’m not sure that any of you should aspire to be the dangerous fanatic that I am. How dangerous am I? Well, you should probably keep me away from any buttons that impact on American foreign policy, such as voting booths and nuclear weapons.

I have a friend, D, who threatens to vote me in as Prime Minister of Israel. After every election he tells me that he wrote me in on his ballot. And, since he’s crazy enough to do it, I have this nagging worry that the General Security Service (GSS) is going to knock on my door one day and ask why I keep getting votes for Prime Minister of Israel.

I keep warning D, that if he does ever get me elected as PM, there will be mushroom clouds over the capitals of Islamic countries the next day, and that he doesn’t want that.

He just smiles.

That guy is almost as dangerous as I am.

Unfortunately, if you are reading my blog, then you too have undoubtedly joined the ranks of the dangerous. You have caught the disease and there is nothing for it but to give you an outlet for your political incorrectness and dangerous ideas.

That’s right, you have now joined the ranks of the single issue voter. Most people vote their pocket book. Others vote for lofty issues like poverty, education, and the Spotted Owl. You, like myself, have transcended rationality and have decided to vote based on a presidential candidate’s support for Israel.

See? I knew it. I can read minds.

So, without further ado, go and keep track of the following web page:

So far, Rudy Giuliani has the top spot in the “I’m good for Israel” rankings.

Now, I want to know how he feels about nuclear weapons.

6 thoughts on “The Best for Israel”

  1. No, you’re wrong.
    Is there a candidate out there who will Bomb Irans nuclear reserves, throw a few more bombs at Hezbulla , Bin Laden, North Korea
    AND cares about the environment?:):)
    I have a feeling a lot of American voters are just tired of *all* of it..what was the % of people who didn’t even vote at all (the freedom to not vote)..those people are sending a very loud message

  2. 64% of the voting age voters voted in the 2004 election. From 2000 to 2004 11million kids turned 18. Now, how many of those kids do you think went to vote? Precious few i’m sure.

    Yes, Im sure Alahamadoodle aka Fred has considered the environmental affect that his nuke will have on its target and surrounding areas. Im sure he’s lost sleep over the killing of follage butterflies, cute animals and people too.

    Maybe we should send those non voters on a free vacation (one way of course) straight to Iran.

    Maybe then they’ll stop being tired and do something about it instead of screaming through their megaphone “Hey, i’m an idiot I don’t vote!”

  3. Actually, I would think the younger ones would be the big voters..just graduating from school..educated about the issues..earnest about making a difference.

    I think the message was “I didn’t vote because they were all idiots!”
    Actually, I prefer fake liars, but it didn’t match.

  4. I’m sure Fred hasn;t either, but
    Does Israel really want all of that nuclear the air..water..etc.
    it’s not like they are across the ocean.

  5. Whose been feeding you cow patties? Surely you don’t think our public school system is doing a good job? The MTV generation wants one thing and one thing only self gratification at the exspense of Daddy’s big bank account and Momma’s servin it all up on a platnium platter. Gone are the days of the silver platter that equates to paper plates these days.

    Hey, we gotta have one idiot running the country. It is our job to pick the very best one. John and I stand together along with lots of others who agree that the one who supports Israel the best is the one who should be at the helm of our good ole USA.

    I am certain no one wants nuclear waste, but we better be sure we have nukes in order to fight back against those who already do and ours better be the biggest and the best. Best meaning less mess, but I don’t think this applies to all things nuclear.

    Maybe we should contact the aliens and see if they could give us some insight into their amazing technology.

    I’m sure NASA has some amazing top secret stuff in the works as well. (love triangle drama excluded)

  6. well, it appears that they are doing a better job then when I was in school:)
    I thought the “Y” generation was supposed to be ….I don’t know the word..but better than my generation-the X.
    Supposedly we are slackers…WhatEver!!

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