Bring a Gun

So, why do so many have this insane notion that talking will stop evil people from doing what comes natural to them?

Part of the problem is just that. Insanity.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
  – Albert Einstein

Too many believe that a nice friendly chat over coffee will solve everyone’s problems. And, if you don’t get the result that you want? Well, you just weren’t friendly enough, and you just haven’t chatted long enough.

(I smell a conspiracy by the Nescafe people.)

World War II was a classic example of too much talking, and the same is true for almost any other war that you can name. Why?

Because no one with evil intent will ever be dissuaded by words. They can ONLY be dissuaded by real threats.

Why do you think that Libya’s Qaddafi gave up his nuclear weapons project during the Bush administration? Because he KNEW that Bush would attack him if he didn’t. But, when Clinton, known for friendly talk, was in the White House, Qaddafi knew that he was safe.

That’s why there tend to be fewer wars during Republican administrations.  

When the North Koreans were refusing to negotiate in good faith, Truman couldn’t get them to budge. So, when Eisenhower became President, why was he successful in obtaining an agreement with them?

Because they believed him when he threatened to destroy them.

And, let’s not forget Reagan and the fall of the USSR. (Or, Margret Thatcher, the Iron Lady.)

What’s the lesson? When confronting evil, go ahead and talk. But…

   …bring a gun.

10 thoughts on “Bring a Gun”

  1. Alright, not to sound stupid, but wasn’t Truman the one who declared officially that Israel was independent? Didn’t he give the order to drop the bomb in Hiroshima/Nagasaki?
    The buck stops here when you bash Truman…

  2. Thanks for not implicating my place of business in that talking-over-coffee zing. ;) ‘Cause you know us caffeine-freaks. We have to be watched.

  3. Ladies,

    The reason that no one will budge during these “talks” is because it’s a bunch of men….now, me and Ms. Ohio have decided to bake some pies because girls you know the only way to a mans heart is through their stomach…see how simple this all is…..

    Yummy Yum there’s nothin as good as a piece of pie and a nice piping hot cup of Joe.

  4. Please no pecan..Ew.
    Well, I would bring brownies and cookies (my Momma taught me how to cook on the farm) to big, fat, greedy, corrupt corporate america slobs and it still didn’t work:)
    Sadly, you could have been a whole lot more offensive.

  5. Maria,

    Lighten up and go have a slice…..I do not support the big, fat, greedy, corrupt corporate american slobs…

    Nor do I agree with Ms. Ohio’s perspective.

    No offense intended.


  6. SP,
    well, it had better be a virtual slice, or my boss would make a sly little comment…you know, actually, my co-workers pry would make a straight out vulgar comment and no one would give a s***.

    Oh, I see, the Corporate American Pigs support *you*
    Ahhhhh…now I get it
    :)Good Morning Sunshine:)

  7. Now girls you two behave yourselves ya hear?

    Haven’t we all worked with american pigs. you know the real oinkers…they are not always corporate though, far from that and vulgar is their first, middle and last name.

    ew definatly describes them as does YUCK!

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