Because They Know the Price of Freedom

What bother’s me about the Ohio woman’s comment is its commonality. Her comment evokes a sentiment that is sweeping the US and her allies.

It is true that no one likes or wants war. People get hurt and things get broken. Neighbors and friends and family are put in harm’s way. The husband of a cousin is one of those on the sharp end.

But, there is a price for freedom.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
– Thomas Jefferson

Israelis know this one. They know what freedom costs, and they live with that cost every day.

There is a guy that I know – American-Israeli working in Tel Aviv and living in Jerusalem. One day, as we were driving home, he related to me his fear for his son. His boy was about to become a soldier in a combat unit, and he worried for his safety.

Six months later his son came home after having lost his hands and his sight.

Israeli soldiers see more combat than any other soldier in the West. It is unending – as unending as the roll call of those who have given their lives for this tiny country.

Yet, at the same time, I do not know of any nation that loves their kids more than Israelis do. Israelis love and celebrate their kids with a passion. There is nothing that they won’t do for them. There is no sacrifice too great.

But, they still send them off to war. When their boys and girls reach eighteen, they pack the bags and load them on busses and wave goodbye – hoping that they come back safely.

Too many don’t.

For all of that, there isn’t a single family in Israel that withholds their child from the grim lottery of war. Why?

Because they know the price of freedom.