They Won’t Know What Hit ‘Em

Yesterday, the BBC offered up their daily report on the current diplomatic confrontation with Iran and the preparations for some kind of military response. As usual, they interviewed this person and that person, as well as the head of the US Senate intelligence committee (a Democrat) and a few other Democrats unworthy of note.

There was blather and blunder. Armchair generals gave armchair strategies. The talking heads talked. Then, something got past my idiocy filter and made me laugh.

News Hour and other news programs read, on-air, emails sent to them during their broadcast. Most of those are read at the end. One such email was from a woman in Ohio, who wrote (and I paraphrase):

…The only way to resolve this conflict with Iran is through dialog.

It was a statement so utterly profound, and so utterly common, that I sat up and listened. 

That’s it! The solution! Talk! We are going to talk them into giving up their nuclear weapons program. I can even imagine that we are going to deploy a new anti-missile system that will talk down any missile fired at Europe and the US.

Israel will feel so much more secure when we tell them that any nuclear attack by Iran will receive a strongly worded letter of protest. In fact, let me volunteer right now for the quick response team that will write something pithy and sarcastic, should there ever be a nuclear exchange.

One wonders if World War II would have been different if we had issued megaphones instead of the venerable Sherman tank. Could it be that Hitler just wasn’t getting enough dialog with his breakfast? Maybe he just didn’t understand that murdering Jews was just not nice, or even polite.

I can even see implications for our own society. We must immediately take away the dangerous guns away from the police and issue them with megaphones. I am sure that the murderers, rapists, and armed robbers will immediately be deterred from further crime when they know that the police are now willing to dialog with them.

In fact, let’s start now. Let’s show Iran what we’re made of.

They won’t know what hit ’em.

4 thoughts on “They Won’t Know What Hit ‘Em”

  1. Oooh, sarcasm! Shall we frown and shake our fingers at them too, or is that too much? ;)

    Good point, as always – talking only works if the other side’s willing to listen. If they don’t think the speaker has a right to exist, what chance do arguments have?

  2. Hi John,
    I loved your analysis of what a war of dialog might consist of. You nailed it! I do not understand how the Nancy Pelosi’s, John Murtha’s, Ret. Col. Clark’s, Jane Fonda’s and John Kerry’s of this world are wired. How can they simply NOT GET IT? We need you
    blogging in World Net Daily and Belief Net and all the other blogs that are keeping the American people informed of the truth instead of getting only the tainted story from the liberal media. We are clearly a divided country. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and so far, the liberals are squeaking louder and more efficiently and convincingly, leading the simple-minded to slaughter. If DIALOG was the answer, every family and every country would be reconciled and at peace with one another! How totally naive!

    P.S. Do I have your permission to post your message to all in my address book?

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