Not an Electrifying Idea (Bernard Lewis Part III)

Think about this statement by Dr. Lewis:

I am told now that in Iran most recently, support has virtually disappeared for the nuclear program. Previously it had some support, but it is now increasingly being realized that this is a method of strengthening the regime, which means that it is bad.

Ahmadinehad depends on popular support for his position. So, why does he push a program that upsets everyone outside of Iran, and is only supported by a few inside Iran? (And is beginning to upset people IN Iran?)

Iran currently suffers under terrible economic conditions, yet Ahmadinejad pushes ahead with an expensive nuclear program – and buys expensive weapons systems to protect it. Why would he jeopadize what little is left of the Iranian economy for what he claims is a symbol of Iranian pride?

Iran has already been offered luxurious financial inducements, along with a set of purely civilian nuclear reactors – as long as he promised not to dip his hand into the nuclear enrichment cookie jar. But, he hasn’t taken the bait. Want to ask me why?

Let me give you a hint: the answer doesn’t have anything to do with the production of electricity.


You can read more comments by Dr. Lewis in The Jerusalem Post article here:

7 thoughts on “Not an Electrifying Idea (Bernard Lewis Part III)”

  1. Hey K,

    Your right! I already told Mr Wonderful aka Oh Brilliant Genious One aka Indiana Boy that he should refer to Ahmadinehad as Fred.

    Your funny! Nice blog yourself k.

  2. Dude!!!!!!!!

    Throw the rest of us a bone man….It’s sick how the babes are all over your blog.

    That Ahmadinhad dude surfs the narly wave…

    bad carma

    peace out

  3. Ok, so im sitting here munching my Fig Newtons and i’m thinking…Why is he beating a dead horse? Mr.Little that is.

    Fred wants to build his nuclear weapon.
    Fred wants to produce uranium.
    Fred wants to bring in the Iman.
    Fred counts it as joy to kill even his own countrymen for the sake of wiping out the Jews.
    Russia supports Fred.
    France doesn’t acknowledge the threat of Fred.
    Israel will at some point need to kick some Fred booty.
    Fred is giving the Iraqian bad guys weapons to kill US Soldiers.
    If I remember correctly Freds getting rockets to Hezbollah and other bad guys causing grief in Israel.
    Pres. Bush says sanctions and he understands Israels position regarding the Fred threat. Hmmmm not so sure I agree with his less than strong tactic here….
    My question is this…Why would anyone question if Fred was a threat? Or if his sole purpose is to create a Nuke that will wipe Israel off the face of the map?

    Are the Iranian people really strong minded enough to stand up for themselves and put a stop to Fred?

    Maybe we should pray for a strong leader to rise up out of the ordinary Iranian people who could actually put a stop to Fred.

    Am I comparing apples to apples when I reflect on the power of Saddam Hussien and the control he had over his people and the begining of the Fred phenomena.

    Kinda wish I could twinkle my nose and walk the streets of Iran. See how things really are. Talk with the folks and gain some insight.

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