How the Game is Played

I have been listening to the media puzzle over Iranian diplomacy. They hear Iranian diplomats make conciliatory speeches, indicating that Iran is willing to compromise on their nuclear ambitions. Then the media hears translations of speeches by the Iranian president, Ahmadinejad, in which he appears to directly contradict his diplomats.

What surprises me is not that Iran is engaged in double-talk. No, what surprises me is the befuddlement of the fourth estate. Does the media honestly think that Iranian diplomacy is anything other than lies and misdirection? We all want to think that journalists are wise to the lies, but I happen to know a bit about the media that you may not realize.

They’re people.

That’s a shocker, but you’ll get over it in a minute. My point is that diplomats know this, and they also know that by cultivating an air of sincerity and honesty… they can get away with the worst lies imaginable.

Yassir Arafat was an absolute master at this, as was Adolf Hitler and his diplomats.

Journalists are suckers for a good sob story. (I secretly think that this is why they get into the business in the first place, but you didn’t hear me say that.) And diplomats are great at the carefully crafted sob. And, you can’t get a better sob story than the one that says “Poor, misunderstood Iran is making an attempt at peaceful reconciliation, but is being rejected by warmongering America?”

Israelis have seen it before, and you’d think that the world would have learned how the game is played. 

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  1. After listening to the media put words in the mouth of Anna Nicole Smiths pathologist…doesn’t sound like they fully reasearch their subjects. Or listen. That sweetie doctor did a good job. I would have been way beyond annoyed..idiots

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