The OTHER John Little

I have just run across ANOTHER John Little on the net, who is in high-tech, and who writes on national security issues. Since I am also a John Little who is in high-tech, and who writes on national security…

Furthermore, we are both in our late thirties. We are both conservative (he, much more than I).

He is in Houston, and I am currently in Indianapolis. ( …but, back in Israel before the year is out)

Well, it looks like we could be having a bit of an identity crisis.


Well, he has a great blog called ‘Blogs of War‘. That’s what got me started this morning. I was doing a search for certain posts on Iran, and his site popped up. More than once. It was a weird feeling to see articles with names that you KNEW you’d never used, but might… in the future.

(cut in the music of the Twilight Zone)

So, I spent the next hour or so wandering around trying to figure it all out.

Of course, there’s nothing to figure out. John Little is a name of great honor and prestige, and it confers wisdom and intelligence on all who hold that name. So, it is natural for two people with such an august name to have great ideas in common.

Good for you, John Little.  

However, he’s not the prudish, stick-in-the-mud that I am, so there ARE some differences.


For a more detailed look at the OTHER John Little, go here:

MY other website is here:


6 thoughts on “The OTHER John Little”

  1. Pish Posh…..You heard of Blogs of War months and months ago and I have the email to prove it bucko…

    Hear ye, hear ye, all ye fine friends of Mr. John Little (the Indiana boy)

    A proclamation…..

    Mr. Little will be returning to Israel upon years end

    It is hereby written upon the royal tablets and sealed with the royal seal oh brillant one shall return to the great land of Israel!!!!!!

  2. John,

    Didn’t you mention this in a previous blog???

    I think I read it on that OTHER website too.

    Sweetie,I think we get it. Your going back across the big pond to live out the rest of your days.

    I am certain that you will be missed by many, but we will always have your wonderful pearls of wisdom to cling to here on your fabulous blog.

    Keep up the great writing!!!!



  3. Hot viddles in the mornin your going back to the Land of the chosen.

    Israel is one crazy place. I may just hafta to put on my best Ostrich boots and mosey on over there with ya.

    Meet some of them there Arab Suni folk.

    Whooooo WE it gets my chaps in a bunch just thinkin bout it.

    Hot digity dog Israel here I come!!!!!

  4. The Blogsofwar guy is a genious!!!!!! I have watched his website change over the past many months.

    He use to have personal pictures up. Now he only has one. He’s cute!!!!

    You can also find him at Chroniclesofwar
    as he is a blogger for the Houston Chronicle.

    What an amazing man.

  5. Who is that masked man?????

    Brilliant to link with the Houston John Little Mr. Indiana John Little.

    Opens the door for some serious blogging.

    And for you SINGLE GIRLS out there check out all of the military pics on Blogsofwar.

    The Houston John Little is the sexiest computer geek out there girls.

    He’s even won awards for his brilliant blogsite AND did you know that he has worked for NASA?

    He was even accused of being a Jew lover which he stated to be quite a compliment.

    This guys definatly worth the time and the site is worth a good surf.

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