Because Israel and Fallcreek Baptist Church Have Something in Common

Just before the game on Sunday, I was talking with a friend in Israel, and relating my angst over the problem with the NFL.

Yossi was incredulous. It has hard for him to believe that something as ‘all-American’ as a Baptist church should be discriminated against. He’d spent a lot of time in the US, and his impression of Baptists was positive, so he couldn’t imagine anything other than a financial motive.

This WASN’T helping my angst.

You know how it is. You’re upset about something, and your best friend just doesn’t understand it? (Of course, it wasn’t Yossi’s fault. And frankly, I’ve done the same thing to HIM. So, fair is fair.)

So, I was in a bit of a growly mood when I went out to walk the dog, and was still in a bit of a growly mood when I came back. THEN, I come in to find out that the Bears had scored their first touch-down while I was out with the dog. If I’d have been watching, it wouldn’t have happened. (GRRRRRRR!!)

I’m blaming the dog.

But, back to my angst.

My conversation with Yossi got me thinking about why I’m so upset by the NFL’s attitude towards a little Baptist church called Fallcreek Baptist Church, and the answer finally hit me yesterday.

Israel. No, really.

Thinking back, I have found that the same people screaming bloody murder about Israel, are the same people screaming bloody murder about evangelical Christians. They pronounce pious platitudes about justice for the oppressed Palestinians, and then go on to a different forum and piously pontificate on the evils of evangelical Christianity in society. To these people, Israel and the Bible are a blot on humanity and a barrier to human progress.

How do I know these people? Some of them were my professors. Others are writers and ‘philosophers’ who have anointed themselves as oracles of virtue. (I love Noam Chomsky. A doctor of Linguistics, who claims an expertise in International Affairs. What incredible gall.)

Do I know the lawyers that went after Fallcreek Baptist Church? No, but I don’t have to know them. They identify themselves by their sanctimoniousness. And that holier-than-thou attitude sickens me, especially when it’s used to abuse those who are doing the best they can in a bad situation.

I guess that Israel and Fallcreek Baptist Church have something in common. 


By the way, thanks K for pointing out the bad links in the previous post!

2 thoughts on “Because Israel and Fallcreek Baptist Church Have Something in Common”

  1. I heard someone on the radio say that if a person starts Christian-bashing, he says to the person, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that the gospel has not reached you in a manner that makes you want to embrace it. I’m sorry we, as Christians, have failed you.”

    It’s nice to think that a soft answer would always turneth away wrath, but I think that this would probably only work in one-on-one encounters, and not with media pundits.

    And I don’t think that this analogy would extend to Israel at all, unfortunately, because those who want to see her destroyed seem to see pacifism as weakness.

    Which makes me sad.

  2. i call em fine shmeckers…(fine smellers…the elite or so called elite)…guess what fellows…even the Queen needs a powder room…don’t get me started…you go get em kiddo…one day my prince will come…wait wait…i mean one day they’ll all turn back into frogs…sigh

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