The Right Way to Do an NFL Boycott

I am not a big football fan.

I’m more into watching other kinds of sports, like… oh, the one being played by Hamas and Fatah. Or, Iran and Iraq. But the Colts, the football team from my home town, is in the Super Bowl. That has made me want to watch Sunday’s game even more than normal. Especially since I was going to watch it with a bunch of very good friends at a small Baptist church just a few minutes drive from where I am now. I was looking forward to a good time.

Now, I’m not.

The NFL has scuppered the whole thing because it claims that this little Baptist church is violating the copyright law.

Does this mean that if a bunch of people get together and watch something that they would have normally watched in their homes… that’s a violation of the NFL copyright?

So, why isn’t the Knights of Columbus violating the NFL copyright?

Why isn’t every bar in Indianapolis violating the same copyright?

Let’s make something clear here. The families getting together to watch the Superbowl have small kids. They can’t take them to a bar to watch the Super Bowl. And there are only just so many families that you can pack into one house, when there are kids involved. And, has anyone ever tried to watch a football game with fifteen kids running around?

Then, let’s add the fact that most of those meeting together at this Baptist church have a theological problem with being a place like a bar. (And, who wants to watch a football game with a bunch of drunks, anyway?)

This copyright excuse is just that. An excuse. The NFL is okay with bars showing the game, but not churches. Is the serving of alcohol, somehow a remedy against the violation of copyright?

Of course not.

So obviously, the NFL has provided a remedy for the bars, but not the churches.

I think that’s interesting, don’t you?

Let me tell you how interesting that is. It’s so interesting that I am going to reverse this on the NFL. If I would have been at the Fallcreek Baptist Church on Sunday, and watched the game, I would have enjoyed the commercials (something that I have professional interest in) and would have undoubtedly been a Little impressed by them.

I’m going to do something different this time. This time, I’m going to watch the game, but I’m going to take note of each product advertised and promise NOT to buy it unless the NFL provides churches (and synagogues, and mosques, and hindu temples) a way to watch the game.

This ‘remedy’ should be something simple, like counting the number of people watching and then give the NFL a ‘copyright surtax’. Or, maybe churches could offer NFL merchandise in the church during the game? Should they give three cheers for the NFL before the game starts?

If they provide a remedy for bars, they must also provide a remedy for churches, or any other religious group. Even the Moonies. (Can’t forget the Moonies.) Otherwise, they are open to the charge of religious discrimination. And THAT is against the law.

Oh, and why am I ‘boycotting’ advertisers’ products? The NFL makes most of its money from the networks that make most of THEIR money from advertising. And, if advertisers see a drop (or a potential drop) in sales because of a wrong-headed attitude by the NFL… Well, the NFL is going to either see the error of its ways, or see a drop in THEIR revenues.

It’s really as simple as that.

So, join me in my attempt to straighten out a bit of foolishness. The NFL needs to see that they are making a foolish mistake, and the only way to do that is to have an impact on their bottom… line.

And, if you won’t be able to catch the game… well, I’ll be posting the list of products advertised on Monday.

Then, we’ll see if the NFL can stop being so stupid.


Now, you can’t have a boycott without letting the boycottee know what you are up to, so here is some contact information for you:

The NFL and CBS

Apparently, The NFL and CBS are closely linked, so much so that if you want to make a complaint, you gotta contact them both:

Here are a couple emails that you should also send your comments to:

Via snail mail:

National Football League
280 Park Ave
New York NY 10017
Phone: 212-450-2000

NFL New Media Group
280 Park Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10017

CBS Television
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

Also, contact your local CBS television station. You can find your station here:

Those of you in Indianapolis, that means WISH TV:

Jeff White, General Manager:

WISH-TV Channel 8
1950 N. Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46202

The Colts and the Bears

Then, let’s not forget to contact teams playing in the Super Bowl 

Contact the Colts, here:

Contact the Bears, here:

Final Note:

Please, let’s make this clear. No one is punishing anyone, anywhere. It’s not about that in any way. This is about helping certain people understand that they are making a mistake – in a way that helps them understand that mistake.

7 thoughts on “The Right Way to Do an NFL Boycott”

  1. I can’t believe this! I mean, I do, but – how awful. I hadn’t heard about it, so I went and checked the church website for further details. I don’t understand why the NFL has a problem with people getting together to watch the game just because it’s in a church.

  2. I know, I wonder how they even found out about it.
    Well, I know I wouldn’t want to watch some raunchy ad with some half-naked woman in church on the big screens. The cheerleaders flaunt their boobies a lot for the cameras, too..I don’t want to see that magnified in church (our church has at least 3 big screens. However, it is sad that Christians aren’t allowed to enjoy the “All American Game” on the big screen..what about a school gym? Is that any different? Does the NFL really have a conscience?

    What a twisted legal system

  3. My prediction:

    We are going to have to boycott:
    The big three-

    Pepsi Cola (does that mean Diet Mountain Dew, too?:(
    Coca Cola

    Ford, Chevrolet, Foreign cars: BMW, VW,
    Sprint, verizon, cellular people

    Bayer Products-boycot them anyway..they are a company from pure Hell to work for..evil people..evil.I am still shattered from that experience..go eat bark from a tree if you have to Bayer=Bad

    I wonder if there will be any public service announcements? How do we boycot those?:):)

    Fun post!

  4. I think I can boycott Flomax can you? LoL

    What I heard is that churches can’t charge $$$ for folks to come eat (of course we Baptist love our food) and watch the game.
    :) so make it all free and fire up the 55″ plasma.

    thanks for all the email addresses and snail mail addresses ha ha ha ha haaaaa!!!!

  5. :)

    Woooooo Whooooo the Colts won!!!!!!

    I think you would agree that churches need to really have all the facts and mind their P’s and Q’s when it comes to this kind of stuff.

    It is critical because we are under such a microscope.

    I will be sending a deluge of mail….boycott NO problem! Well, if it’s coffee I may be in a bit of trouble…Lol I don’t remember seeing a Folgers commercial….hee hee

  6. bravo!!! good for you my dear friend…what the dickens (hell :} ) were they thinking? nuts kiddo the whole world is going nuts…now if hamas and hizbullah were involved they would be bending over backwards…ooops…to say i’m sorry…ratz…proud of you i am…yup very proud of you…stay safe…miss you

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