Corruption kills

You would think that, with all that’s happened to the Palestinians, Hamas would be suffering from a ‘bad smell’.

Not so.

In his article last Thursday, Analysis: A year after elections, Hamas riding high, Arab journalist Khaled Abu Toameh says:

In a speech in Gaza City, Haniyeh boasted that “Zionist schemes” had failed to topple the “elected” government or force Hamas to abandon its principles. “The government did not collapse after one year,” he declared. “Nor did it make compromise the rights of the Palestinians.”

Here are three more excerpts from his article:

…Millions of dollars have been invested in an unprecedented media onslaught aimed at discrediting the Hamas-led government, but to no avail. Dozens of spokesmen employed by Fatah over the past year seem to have failed to convince the majority of the Palestinians to turn against their government…


…Abbas’s recent threats to call early elections don’t appear to bother anyone in Hamas. “Hamas will win another election, provided that it is free and democratic,” said a Palestinian editor in Gaza City. “They will win mainly because most Palestinians still don’t regard Fatah as a better alternative.”…


…The future appears to be even more promising for Hamas as its political and military power continue to grow. Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal has become such a significant player in Palestinian politics that countries like Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are inviting him for talks with top government officials…

Why do the Palestinians persist in supporting the terrorists?

It is dumfounding. It is flabbergasting. It is discombobulating. (It’s even amazing.)

But, you may remember some of my earlier, pre-blog diatribes against Arafat’s kleptocracy. Arafat and Fatah stole millions from hungry mouths and destitute children.

Here’s Toameh’s explanation for the success of the Hamas-led government:

Fatah’s failure to reform itself in the aftermath of its defeat in the parliamentary vote is one of the main reasons why most Palestinians remain disappointed with the party. Fatah lost the election because of the involvement of many of its senior officials in financial corruption and abuse of power. Most of these officials continue to hold senior positions in the party and are responsible for denying young leaders a say in decision-making.

He’s absolutely spot-on.

Hamas was brought in on a mandate to stop the corruption, and they are undoubtedly doing that. However, they are using that mandate to try and kill as many Israelis as they can.

Furthermore, Hamas has not attempted to prosecute or go after those in Fatah who are guilty of stealing money from the Palestinian Administration. Why do you think that is?

Corruption in Fatah keeps Hamas in power and allows them to continue their terrorist agenda.

As long as Fatah is corrupt, Hamas wins and Israelis die.

Let this be a lesson to all of us: Corruption kills.


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