Israel is Doomed – But, Miracles Happen

I did not want to write this entry.

I really didn’t. It must be one of the most depressing entries that I have ever made – and (hopefully) may ever make. But, the subtitle of my blog says: ‘An Unflinching View from a Place Called Israel’.

How can I be ‘unflinching’, if I flinch from this one?

So, no flinching. This entry goes out.


Benny Morris at has written an article predicting the destruction of Israel and the death of virtually ALL of Israel’s Jewish inhabitants.

No. Let’s drop the virtual. It really will be ALL. ALL of them.

Barring a miracle, every man, woman and child will die in Israel. Not if. Not may or maybe.


When Iran gets her nuclear weapons. When Iran decides that it is in its best interests to nuke Israel.


Let me give you a taste of what he says: 

The second Holocaust will be quite different. One bright morning, in five or ten years’ time, perhaps during a regional crisis, perhaps out of the blue, a day or a year or five years after Iran’s acquisition of the Bomb, the mullahs in Qom will convoke in secret session, under a portrait of the steely-eyed Ayatollah Khomeini, and give President Ahmedinejad, by then in his second or third term, the go ahead. The orders will go out and the Shihab III and IV missiles will take off for Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Haifa, and Jerusalem, and probably some military sites, including Israel’s half dozen air and (reported) nuclear missile bases. Some of the Shihabs will be nuclear-tipped, perhaps even with multiple warheads. Others will be dupes, packed merely with biological or chemical agents, or old newspapers, to draw off or confuse Israel’s anti-missile batteries and Home Guard units.

With a country the size and shape of Israel (an elongated 8,000 square miles), probably four or five hits will suffice: No more Israel. A million or more Israelis, in the greater Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem areas, will die immediately. Millions will be seriously irradiated. Israel has about seven million inhabitants. No Iranian will see or touch an Israeli. It will be quite impersonal.

Most of you have not stood in Israel and understood how small this country is. I can stand on a hill, called Har Adar, just outside of Jerusalem and see the Jordan on one side and the Mediterranean on the other (on a clear day).

This is a TINY country. And, it won’t take many nuclear weapons to destroy it.

Oh, I know the arguments that many put forward, but let me dispel them with a couple more quotes from Benny’s article:

Or he [Ahmedinejad] may well take into account a counter-strike and simply, irrationally (to our way of thinking), be willing to pay the price. As his mentor, Khomeini, put it in a speech in Qom in 1980: ‘We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. I say, let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant.’ For these worshipers at the cult of death, even the sacrifice of the homeland is acceptable if the outcome is the demise of Israel.

Can ANYONE disagree with this?

And, let me add my OWN point. The mullahs in Iran are on the losing end of a fight with the modernists in Iran. In the minds of the mullahs, they would rather sacrifice vast swathes of Iran, if it would mean that the Islamic state continued to survive. 

Furthermore, Iran has had others lay the groundwork for this second holocaust: 

As with the first, the second Holocaust will have been preceded by decades of preparation of hearts and minds, by Iranian and Arab leaders, Western intellectuals and media outlets. Different messages have gone out to different audiences — but all have (objectively) served the same goal, the demonization of Israel. Muslims the world over have been taught: ‘The Zionists\the Jews are the embodiment of evil’ and ‘Israel must be destroyed.’ And Westerners, more subtly, were instructed: ‘Israel is a racist oppressor state’ and ‘Israel, in this age of multi-culturalism, is an anachronism and superfluous’. Generations of Muslims and at least a generation of Westerners have been brought up on these catechisms.

Israel has been turned into an object of hatred and an obstacle to progress and peace.

What do you with objects and obstacles?

You destroy them. 

And, if you think that Israel will use her own nuclear weapons:

This dilemma had long ago been accurately defined by a wise general: Israel’s nuclear armory was unusable. It could only be used ‘too early or ‘too late.’ There would never be a “right” time. Use it ‘too early,’ meaning before Iran acquired similar weapons, and Israel would be cast in the role of international pariah, a target of universal Muslim assault, without a friend in the world; ‘too late’ would mean using its nuclear weapons after the Iranians had struck. What purpose would that serve?

So Israel’s leaders will grit their teeth and hope that somehow things will turn out for the best. Perhaps, after acquiring the Bomb, the Iranians will behave ‘rationally’? But the Iranians are driven by a higher logic. And they will launch their rockets. And, as with the first Holocaust, the international community will do nothing. It will all be over, for Israel, in a few minutes – not like in the 1940s, when the world had five long years in which to wring its hands and do nothing.

But, let me shed some ray of hope on this mess – but, just a ray.

I started out by saying “barring a miracle, Israel is doomed”. I do not, in my heart, believe that Israel is doomed. I believe that, in part, because I have seen too many miracles save Israel from certain destruction.

In 1948, 1967, and 1973, Israel survived miraculously. It will take an equal, if not greater, miracle.

But, miracles happen. 


To see the full article, go here:

The Second Holocaust Is Looming 

By Benny Morris | January 19, 2007


5 thoughts on “Israel is Doomed – But, Miracles Happen”

  1. Great post overall…really puts things in perspective. Only argument I have is that I think it is way more than just a ray of hope. It’s a sure thing. Yeah, Israel my be small, but it can say to the Mullahs: “my Daddy is bigger than your daddy, so there.”

  2. I read this article on JPost Sunday night. The writer also made an interesting comment that all the inhabitants of Israel may choose to leave before a nuclear attack. I found his line of thinking very interesting. Your thoughts regarding this avenue?


  3. Dear John,
    Prophecy in scripture tells what lies ahead for Israel…it isn’t pretty. No, Israel will never be “utterly destroyed”, but many will face death. From reading some of the replies, the patriotism runs high and yes, Israel is the “apple of God’s eye”, but the Prophet Ezekiel tells of what lies ahead in chapters 38 and 39. Israel will be attacked and not all, but many will perish.

    Check out this video and hear what lies ahead for Israel and the world. I will tell you up front, it contains a message about Jesus that you may disagree with, but listen to the rest of the prophetic information as it’s coming to pass before out very eyes and being played out on the evening news every day. Go here and watch it for yourself. I think you will find this of interest and vital importance.
    It also takes a few minutes to load, so be patient.

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