Russia Arming Iran

Does it surprise you that Russia is arming Iran?

Not me.

Here’s a recent quote from The Jerusalem Post: 

Russia’s defense minister said Tuesday that Russia has sold Tor-M1 air defense missile systems to Iran. It was the first high-level confirmation that such a sale took place.

And then, Russia’s Minister of Defense said this:

“If the Iranian leadership has a desire to purchase more defense weapons, we would do that,” Ivanov said, without elaborating.

And, let’s not forget that Russia is building Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant – which they are close to completing.

Does this surprise you?

It shouldn’t.

You know what it’s like to see two people together and think that they are perfect for each other?

This is like that.

Russia and Iran are like two faces of the same coin. Their extreme bloody-mindedness make them perfect partners. They understand each other, and are more than happy to use each other. And, they are okay with the wages of war. They’re cool with it.

Because they’ll want to pay you with that two-faced coin.

2 thoughts on “Russia Arming Iran”

  1. What about north Korea? Are they in the club as well?
    Thanks for your articles..I learn more here than from the evening news.

  2. No, Ive learned more here than my entire HS education..I will give the university a break..they are supposed to be focused:)

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