You Just Gotta Love Those Iranians

Well, I guess that the Palestinians are getting a little better at the bomb making business. I generally consider efficiency to be a good thing, but I’ll make an exception in this case.

The following is excerpted from yesterday’s Jerusalem Post: 

Under Hizbullah guidance, Palestinian terror groups in the West Bank have recently obtained high-grade explosives that have significantly improved the effectiveness of roadside improvised explosive devices (IED) used against IDF patrols, senior defense officials told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

According to the officials, the Palestinians, adopting Hizbullah tactics, have also improved the way they camouflage and hide the explosive devices on the sides of roads patrolled by IDF jeeps. While some of the explosives used in the bombs were smuggled into the West Bank – from the Sinai Desert – the Palestinians also used homemade explosives that were less effective but still lethal.
At Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) chief Yuval Diskin reported growing Hizbullah efforts to establish infrastructure and gain a foothold in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

If Hezbollah, armed and funded by Iran, is giving Palestinian terrorists weapons-grade explosives, who do you think is arming and funding (and giving weapons-grade explosives to) the terrorists in Iraq?


That last bit that should worry everyone. (No, no, not the LGM!) Hezbollah’s efforts to establish an infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is, in reality, IRAN’s efforts to establish an infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

I have watched Iran for a long time, and it does not surprise me that Iran is taking this step. If successful, Iran will be able to destroy any chance for peace – as well as manufacture its own casus belli** for attacking the only power that can stand up to Iran.

You just gotta’ love those Iranians.


* LGM: Little Green Men. (No, I am NOT green.) 

** Casus Belli: a modern Latin language expression meaning the justification for acts of war


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