Because They Love to Kill Children

Thirty Five Thousand civilians have died since the invasion of Iraq.

Thirty Five Thousand.

Not by war. Not at the hands of American troops. Not even at the hand of a brutal dictator.

It was fellow Muslims. Followers of Islam and the Koran. Devotees of Mohammed.

And, there was no, “Ooops. Sorry. We were targeting American troops and missed.”

There was no collateral damage in this figure, except for the few accidentally killed by American soldiers.

Accidental death is just that – accidental.

In this figure, it was absolute, cold-blooded murder.

And, they targeted the weakest and the most vulnerable in their society. They aimed at the elderly and the women – and especially the children.

That is what upsets me the most. The children.

How can a religion spawn men who would WANT and SEEK to kill little children?

And, to Israelis, this is nothing new. Do you know that you cannot find a school on the map? That schools are specifically constructed to withstand terrorist attack?

Because as much as terrorists love to kill Israelis, they love to kill little children most of all.

1 thought on “Because They Love to Kill Children”

  1. Okay. So I don’t really follow.
    My apartment complex (Kansas City, USA) is..I’d say..60% Muslim..or something..the women stay home and cover themselves..maybe they are from India..I have no idea, since they never really talk to me.
    Are you saying that all of these terrorists groups are Muslim? Well, it would be a benefit to the middle
    american if the news said *that* instead of bombarding us with tons of various terrorists groups with various agendas. I have a feeling the Muslim think-tank knew this would happen, since they have infiltrated the American culture.

    Any sicko that kills children and the elderly is a weak, pathetic coward.

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