Distracted by Katrina and the Waves

It hardly seems that a day goes by that doesn’t find me convinced that humanity is rotten to the core.

All that you need for proof is the looting in Iraq and the mayhem in New Orleans. When the police aren’t looking over our shoulder, anything goes.

When Saddam fell, the looters ran the streets. When Katrina washed up on Louisiana’s shores, rescue efforts were curtailed to blunt the surge in crime.

We are rotten.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that you can do about that rottenness except make sure that the watchers are watching and the guards are guarding. When Saddam fell, with him fell the watchers and the guards. When Katrina hit, the watchers and the guards were distracted by the effort to save and protect.

The goal is not to be distracted by the likes of Katrina and the waves.

(There’s a point to this that I’ll get to tomorrow.)

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  1. my Daddy AH always said…if you are going to steal anything, steal big…because you are going to end up in jail…can’t wait to read the follow up…stay safe my dear friend…shabbat shalom

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