At the Gates of the Last Resort

To answer my question from yesterday’s post:

Just nuke ’em.

And, this is the warning to the West.

Only one enemy threatens Israel’s survival, and if that enemy starts to build a nuclear weapon…

Well, what would YOU think Israel would do?

Israel plans a limited and extremely low yield nuclear attack with ground penetrating nuclear bombs. The radioactive debris will be minimized. The collateral damage will hopefully be nonexistent.

The political fallout will be catastrophic.

It may shock you to think that Israel would come to the conclusion that a nuclear attack is necessary, but Israel will not survive if Iran obtains nuclear weapons. All that it would take would be a few strikes, and Israel would cease to exist.

So, if you were Israel… And, if you had to make a choice between being hated and being dead… What would you choose?

Thought so.

Better to live as a dog, than be a dead lion.

Nuclear weapons are there for the purpose of deterrence, and as a last resort weapon. Unfortunately, deterrence isn’t working.

We have arrived at the gates of the last resort.