What Can Israel Do?

After much bluster and ballyhoo, Israel’s enemies gave up the fight. Egypt found other interests than war. Jordan discovered domestic terrorists. Syria misplaced its benefactor. And, Iraq lost its head.

Except for the Palestinians, every one of Israel’s traditional enemies stood down.

Normally, such news would be a cause for joy and celebration. But remember that I said ‘traditional enemies’.

Just months ago, Israel fought an inconclusive war with Hezbollah. However, Hezbollah can’t destroy Israel. They just don’t have enough personnel. That makes them a ‘less-than-existential’ threat to Israel.

But, that doesn’t take into account their ability to re-energize Israel’s traditional enemies. That’s bad. Israel’s traditional enemies still hate Israel. They have only lost the will to fight. That would change if Hezbollah became too successful in pressing its attacks – and if Israel was unable to destroy Hezbollah.

All of that is bad enough, but Hezbollah represents just the tip of the iceberg. Hezbollah is a client of Iran, and Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Think about that for a moment.

An Iran with nuclear weapons would change the landscape. Israel’s enemies could regain the will to fight. Hezbollah could finally obtain a weapon that would truly make them a threat to Israel’s existence.

The problem gets worse when you realize that no one is willing to do anything about Iran’s nuclear program.

What can Israel do?