Because Expediency Rules

Elliot Jager wrote an interesting article for the Jerusalem Post, and you can find the piece here.

At heart it’s all about cynicism.

Elliot has a pretty heavy case of it, just as I do. Don’t stand too close to us. It’s catching.  

We Americans like to think that we’re the good guys.

Actually, we aren’t. We’re just the guys who are a little less expedient than the others.

We delayed resupplying Israel in 1973 because of expediency. We pressured Israel to give up the Sinai because of expediency. We shoved Arafat down Israel’s throat because of expediency.

In fact, there’s so much expediency in American foreign policy, that you are often surprised when you stumble over something good. 

But, that’s expedient too – ‘cuz the only reason why American foreign policy has some good in it is due to those good people who will vote against them in the next election if they don’t do some good.

It’s that simple.

Take me as an example. I think of myself as a good person, and before I left for Israel in 1992, I did NOT vote for George Bush, Sr. (Although, I could not bring myself to vote for Clinton.) 

There just hadn’t been enough good in Bush’s foreign policy.

One day, there won’t be enough of us who are good, and when that day comes… Well, there won’t be ANY good in American foreign policy.

Anyway, go read Elliot Jager:

He’s made my honor roll.

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