It’s the Economy Stupid!

Ahmadinejad has had a setback. I know that you are upset by this, and believe me. I feel your pain.

Local council elections in Iran have sent a message to the Iranian president that he needs to straighten up and fly right (or, at least a bit more to the left).

True, local council elections don’t have direct impact on the Iranian government, but they are generally a good indicator of a shift in the mood of the average Iranian voter.

What are they upset about?

Well, in the imortal words of our boy Bill, “It’s the economy, stupid!”

The average Iranian is out of work, underpaid and over educated for what work they can find. And, they are leaving in droves. (or, in as many droves as can fit on an airplane.)

By the way, how many people do you need to make up a drove. I never have figured that one out.


And, the ones that are leaving Iran are the best educated. The engineers. The scientists. The doctors. The liberal minded.

That’s the thing that worries me most. People with educations are generally more liberal minded, more moderate, more willing to live-and-let-live when it comes to foreign policy, people of other faiths, and… Israel. Especially, Israel.

All of this must give the ayatollahs (big religious leaders) and the mullahs (little religious leaders) in Iran pause for thought. These guys are the REAL rulers and hold the REAL power in Iran. They hold power through force of religion. Well, more accurately, they control the military through their religious power, which means that they have the guns.

But, those with the guns get a little nervous when the average Yussef (Joe) gets upset. Too many upset Yussefs and they will need let go of some of their power, and trust me. Mullahs HATE that. It’s against their… um… religion.

Of course, with all the educated moderates leaving, the mullahs might feel that the situation isn’t so bad. Moderates and Mullahs don’t mix.

The problem is this. In the game of pressure, who’s winning? Are there enough moderates fleeing Iran, and letting off some of the pressure. Or, will the economic woes of Iran force the religious leaders of Iran into harsher and harsher measures?

I think that I know this one, ‘cuz Billy said it best:

“It’s the economy, stupid!”

4 thoughts on “It’s the Economy Stupid!”

  1. Don’t you mean it’s the stupid economy?
    When the lady that cleans my mom’s house doesn’t speak English and her main mission in life is to have a baby in the US, my physics professor speaks his own Indian/English language, and my bosses from overseas somewhere ( good thing their English is just as bad) continually make fun of America.

    you know, call me stupid, but I think it is just bad, bad, rotten people like..Mr. Griiiiiiiinnnnchh….

  2. What if all the moderates leave, though, and the country’s left with reactionaries? (Or are you implying this somewhere and “stupid” applies to me?) I have known a fair number of Iranians in my day, and none of them took the line of the mullahs.

    Speaking of which, you should read “The Mullah with No Legs,” a book which is out of print but worth tracking down. The ending cops out, but the rest of the stories are beautiful.

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