The Wolves

Hamas and Fatah have come to an agreement. Their representatives sat around a table, wrote up a document and signed it.

Peace in our time.

How depressing.

It reminds me of mob bosses coming together to agree that shooting each other is a bad idea. If I had been a Palestinian, I would have been ashamed that this kind of thing was necessary.

But, it’s not just a Palestinian problem. These kinds of meetings happen all the time in the Arab world. We don’t hear much about them, because Arab governments are repressive, and newspapers tow the government line.

Unfortunately, this is just the visible side of the violence in Palestinian society. The violence against women and children is unheard. The violence against the weak is unheard.

Palestinians are governed by fear and intimidation. They fear for their lives. They fear for their children. They fear for their husbands and wives.

The wolves of Hamas and Fatah no longer fight with each other, which means that they are free to feed on the defenseless.