Tonight marks the beginning of Chanukah.

It commemorates a miracle, a miracle in which the Ne’er Tamid (eternal flame or eternal light) was lit, and remained lit for eight days – even though there had been barely enough oil for one day.

It’s a great story, and I’m in to celebrating miracles like that.

But, Chanukah actually represents an even greater miracle. It represents the victory of Israel over her oppressors, and it also represents a reaffirmation of God’s favor towards the Jewish people. It’s a symbol of God’s choice of a chosen people, and THAT is something to really celebrate.

And, since most of you reading this are Christians, that means you too.

If God had not chosen the people of Israel, you wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be here. We’d be followers of some Mithraist cult, acolytes of Tammuz, or who-knows-what.

In fact, a lot of things wouldn’t have happened, and we’d be in a world of hurt. In fact, we’d be in SUCH a world of hurt, that… Well, trust me on this one. Without the Jewish people, we’d be NOTHING. (I think that I see another blog series coming up.)

Anyway, the point that I’m trying to make is that Chanukah is a celebration for both Jews AND Christians. We all have a share in this miracle of lights, and we should all share wishing that the miracle of the Jewish people continues.

Of course, I love the idea of having TWO sets of parties to go to!

4 thoughts on “Chanukah”

  1. Jesus was Jewish. Did you know that?
    I like to think of him as Irish/Italian/German, though.

    Traditioooohhhhn Tradition!!
    I love traditions..tell us more

  2. Yep, we’re having a party right here..with a capital P and that rymes with P and it stands for Parrrttty!
    You must have really quiet readers

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