No Holocaust but Plenty of Nukes

It continues to amaze me that there are those that deny that the Holocaust ever happened.

I know. It’s a defect in my ability to believe. Stupidity and foolishness is woven throughout human history, so I shouldn’t be so surprised.

Deep down, I guess that I just want to believe better things of my fellow man.


Anyway, the Iranians have been running a conference on re-examining the scientific evidence that the Holocaust ever happened.

The denial of the pain and suffering of an entire people is so sick… I just have no words to express the revulsion that I feel.

And the evil. Think about how much evil must lie at the heart of the Iranian regime.

Then, think about uniting this evil with power of nuclear weapons.

The world shrinks from paying the cost to stop these people from acquiring nuclear weapons, and I understand that. But, think of the cost that the world will pay when people as evil as the Iranian government have nuclear weapons.

If you thought that the cost of stopping Iran was high, just think carefully about the cost of NOT stopping Iran.

3 thoughts on “No Holocaust but Plenty of Nukes”

  1. I know.
    But I don’t think it is foolishness or stupidity or evil..hmm..what’s the word..ummm..maybe it’s pollution
    Kinda like some people that deny the right to live..some people say it’s a tissue, some say it’s a choice, i like to think of “it” as a soul.

  2. What took you so long to post this??? Yammering on about the Chabodnikin as you were…

    Both appauling but a part of the world we live in.

    No worries though, politicians seemingly turn a blind eye…media is biased and world renoun scientist can try to prove away whatever they want…It’s not gonna change what I know as truth. nothing gets past the eye of God….His hand is on it all.

    Nice writing as usual

    Blessed Chanukah


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